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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Lyzone, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. So I've started programming with the spigot api in the past 5 days, and I need ideas. It's not like plugin suggestions where I create plugins for you, I'm barely experienced enough for myself. Just newbie friendly ideas. So far I've made a /time command, /gma, /gms, /gmc, /gmsp, /heal, /msg, /teleport and a few others... Ones that I could figure out relatively not too hard would be nice, but also some logic/other challenges would be nice too. Thanks :)
  2. How much of Java do you know? Your knowledge of it will affect the ideas I will give you.
  3. Custom tntrun plugin.
  4. You can try to make a GUI menu with Information like Rules.
  5. You can try to make some join utils. Like firework, title, message... Or, you can try to make some scoreboard plugin.
  6. Try working with events. For example when you join, make the player wear armor and give them items in specific slots, teleport him some where... or when a player places bedrock it becomes tnt and explodes? XD (these are very random ideas)
  7. "I've started using the Spigot API within the past 5 days" pretty sure that says all you need to know, I'm a beginner. you should give me beginner stuff or go elsewhere :p
  8. For someone whos asking for help you're very picky.. beggars can't be choosers as they say... anyways I do like the idea of JoinUtils or Scoreboard Plugin, or maybe try a Hub Essentials plugin.
  9. I'm not exactly begging, I'm asking for ideas.. and yes, I'm "picky" because I'm new, and if it's too complex for me, I can't do it. thanks for the idea
  10. Well the good thing about complex ideas is that you can try them and work on them.. not just not try.. the idea for a custom tnt plugin is simple.. its just how you come across it... so dont just instantly deny "complex" ideas.. try them and you will be amazed with what you can achieve :D
  11. I can't even get a togglechat plugin to work my dude, it's gonna have to wait a few days before I am amazed with what I can achieve lol
  12. lol.. heres a hint.. create a boolean called chatEnabled or something. .. then an AsyncChatEvent... then when a player chats.. if the boolean is false.. cancel the event... to set it true, use a config or a command.
  13. It doesn't tell me your level in java though. It just tells me how well you know the spigot api.

    Anyways, you can make a tic tac toe game with the inventory.
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  14. boolean wouldnt work, the guy I'm working with covered that. 100% sure my plugin would work, but it doesnt, only /sc <message> does, not /sc then message then /sc (toggle)
    I've done up to constructors and private/static with java. only a week of experience if you include practicing a lot
  15. A boolean should work... if you're using it right.. for a simple chat on/off... the boolean represents if chat is on... or if chat is off.
  16. No, a togglechat staffchat plugin. Not a togglechat for everyone. When I first started I thought a boolean would work for that, but I was told otherwise.
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    Your quote doesn't say how much Java experience you have (just Spigot API), let's say you have two years of Java experience, with only a week of Spigot API experience you'd still be able to create a mini game for instance where as if you started learning Java (with the Spigot API) five days ago then the recommendation would be to learn Java first.
  18. He means a Staff-Chat talking mode.
    /sc will allow you to direct your messages to staff members only, then /sc again will go back to all-player chat.
    His explanation was vague, so I can see why you said that XD

    Sorry, what did you contribute to the thread? Looks like you're farming posts.

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