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  1. So i am trying to make it so when you do \n it does a new line in a kick command
    Problem is \n isn't doing a new line. Tried System.getProperty("line.seperator") and tried a for loop AND tried with \\n (double backslash). Still nothing

    config line: kick: '&c&lKICKED \n &cKicked by &a%user% &cfor &a%reason%'
  2. You can split at \n the Config string and make and loop, where you add looped 1 to a int and get the stplitted string

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  3. This should work properly, tried it and have it in my plugins in this form with \n as new line.
  4. You have no excuse for using a string instead of a stringlist. You could get the list and split it by "\n", fairly easy.


    Code (Java):

    // Get your arg array into a single string joined by space.
    String argm =  StringUtils.join(args, " ", 1, args.length);

    // Get your stringlist and join it by \n (new line)
      - 'test message'
      - 'test2'

    // That would return: test message\ntest2
    List<String> list = plugin.getConfig().getStringList("options.kick");
    String result = StringUtils.join(list, "\n");

    String reason = setcolor(result.replace("%user%", sender.getName()).replace("%reason%", argm));
    Fairly simple and easy.

    You'll not have to deal with messy single lines where \n is connected with different messages making the string hard to read.


    This message\nfor example\nwould be a bit\nharder to read\nthan the one\nbelow obviously.

    This message
    for example
    would be a bit
    harder to read
    than the one
    below obviously.

    Pretty clear a stringlist is the way to go.