Spigot NexAuth - Simple auth system for offline mode [1.16 - 1.18] 1.3.3

Simple auth/register system for offline mode servers.

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    JAuth • Simple auth system for offline mode [1.14 - 1.16] - Simple auth/register system for offline mode servers.

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  2. Is it possible to put that before they log in they are in the spawn and when they put their password it returns them to the last location? (I have a factions server and for security) (or blind on connect)
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  3. Will do
  4. Could you also add support for PaperMC?

    It works with PaperMC, but I alwas get a Warning:

    ============== DISCLAIMER ==============
    You're running an unknown Spigot fork.
    This plugin is designed to work on Spigot (spigotmc.org) only!
    You won't get any support for any issues unless they persist on regular Spigot.
  5. There is a possibility to cancel spam messages in the chat as I receive several messages indicating a successful registration

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  6. what
  7. So only thing I noticed when I started using this was the spelling mistake: "Please Reigister". It should be "Please Register" :D
  8. Please add the BCrypt hash type. Please!!!
  9. Will be added soon!
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  10. It's very cool!(y)
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  11. Really annoying bug, if the player crashes or leaves the game and was not on the floor, when they try to log in they cant because the player chat keeps auto closing and they are unable to enter their password. Happened to me as OP and leaving the game while i was flying... is really frustrating. Maybe do a TP to the closest floor below the player and in the same x and z, to avoid potential exploits.

    Love the plugins you create ^-^

    EDIT. It also happens if you end the game too close to a wall...when you relog you appear stuck in the wall, just happened to me
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  12. how do i upgrade from jauth to nexauth?
  13. Already works this way, I could not reproduce your bug.

    Will be fixed

    Clean install only. However, you can rename the 'jauth_users' table to 'nexauth_users' in the database to keep user data.
  14. Will there be updates to this plugin in the future?
  15. Yes
  16. Is it possible to add feature that block tabcomplete (command suggestions) before login?