Spigot NexAuth - Simple auth system for offline mode [1.16 - 1.18] 1.3.3

Simple auth/register system for offline mode servers.

  1. Will do
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  2. The plugin looks very functional. A future idea would be to add a scoreboard when a player enters the server, and to display a message similar to this one.
    In the same way when a player logs in. It would be another great idea to be able to send registration and login messages.
    Obviously it can be deactivated or vice versa.
  3. Scoreboard is unnecessary and won't be added. Messages for login and registration are already included.
  4. Hi! The plugin is awesome and works excelent. Although I have a small problem: on my server it is allowed to have only 1 account per IP, but I faced with the situation where there are 2 different people from one IP. Is there a way to customly allow this IP to have more accounts? This will be just perfect!
    All in all, I really like the customization and the performance of the plugin ^^
  5. I can add an config option to exclude specific IPs from these checks.
  6. Are there any plans to add some events like LoginEvent, RegisterEvent, etc.?
    This will be useful instead of me do a timer task that checks if the player was logged in successfully.
    I have a plugin that opens a book when a player join, however it's delayed if the player have a login sequence first to do.
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  7. I use an aternos for server hosting and added your plugin to my server a few months ago but today it didnt work. The console had an error being spammed

    "Could not pass event PlayerMoveEvent to NexAuth v1.3.0"
  8. Hello, when 1.18 will be supported?
  9. Hello, i run into a problem. When I (for example) login into my server and leave, other guy (with diffrent ip) can login with my nickname without a password. How can i fix that or how to make a request to login every time when people join?
  10. No idea, session is disabled by default.
  11. Found issue, password is shown in console when a player registers. Needs to be fixed
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  12. Hi, the plugin is working well but I got 2 things I think could be changed.

    1. Players that leave in the air will always be kicked for flying and not able to login easily. Perhaps allow some slight movement?
    I am unsure of how it works.
    2. Players password gets shown in console, which can be a security issue depending on the player.

    Thanks in advance.
  13. That was a quick update, I appreciate it a lot.

    I have yet to try it out (I need to wait for my server to restart) but just a quick question already, how will it work if they leave in the end?
    Will they stay in the air as there is no ground block?

    Thanks in advance.
  14. Yes, probably
  15. Hi again, I have tested out the plugin and it does not seem to work still. I believe you should test it yourself to see what the issue may be, as the players seem to be floating above ground even after the update.