Nexril Dedi. Server Feedback? Low-Latency?

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  1. Does anyone have experience with Nexril?

    What did you like? What didn't you like? And was their latency good?

    Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Edit: Their bandwidth says: "Bandwidth: 30TB, Premium Route-Optimized Blend". I assume that is good but Idk if that means low latency.
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  2. Personally it looks expensive for something that I've never heard of
  3. What have you heard of? :p

    What I've come across after a lot of research and looking:
    OVH: Major mix of reviews on it. Even people that say it is good will contradict themselves later when they admit parts are bad like support or downtime. Trustpilot reviews for it are terrible. lol..
    SYS: ^
    Hertz(?): If I recall correctly EU only (I'm in USA).
    ReliableSite: Mixed reviews on TrustPilot. One saying Ubuntu installer is horrific and they ordered several times.
    Nexril: Good reviews on trustpilot. Sometimes support is slow and according to 1 review maintenance is weekly/bi-weekly but overall good. (not dedi's but virtual dedicated servers): Looks epic but is out of stock.
  4. I've always been with OVH, SYS or even Kimsufi (they are all part of OVH)
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  5. I can speak about the following companies:
    - Hetzner: Amazingly low prices, decent-ish network but support is pretty barebones. And it's located in EU, but ping ain't that bad.
    - ReliableSite: Very good, has a very good network and support. Prices are decent too.
    - Nexril: Very good support and decent hardware. A bit on the more expensive end though.

    More specifically about Nexril:
    - Latency was very good, but it's from the US so it's to be expected.
    - Support was very good when I was with them.
    - Prices are a bit on the more expensive end.
    - Hardware was nothing amazing, I think I paid $45/month for dual old Xeons. Not sure about the model, but it was a long time ago and they got way more compelling options now.
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  6. Nexril is fine. They're in Carrier-1, a good datacentre, get transit from Hivelocity so you'll have a good network blend and are obviously offering brand new hardware. Only possible downside is that it's run by a single person, but should be fine :)
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  7. The breakdown for OVH is the following; you get what you pay for. OVH attempts to have a self-managed infrastructure by cutting human workers that would normally work in the support department.
    Everything attempts to fix itself and you will only have human help in case there is a hardware error for which they are notified pretty quickly, they usually get their hands down to it after the server reboots itself and still doesn't reply to their monitoring pings.
    You get probably the cheapest and best(for its price) DDoS protection and good hardware, the cost is the lack of human help. You will be fine with OVH until you require human help.

    There are many competent businesses out there for hosting, however, they will be (most of the time) more expensive than OVH due to the fact that you will have a human behind the screen to help you out.

    My personal opinion is that, unless you have a big budget (>$500 is the price in which you can actually expect to have some real management in case of failure and that's still cheap), you should go with OVH as the rest of the companies will give you a similar experience.

    For example, I myself in the past had multiple servers with Psychz. Everything was great and the support was fast, the issue? When I had real problems (DDoS attack), the help that I received was useless as they did not know what to do, I later got some "apologies for the management" but it was unacceptable that even a senior was not capable of spotting the issue and attempted to make up excuses that did not make sense.

    Consider that you do not just want support, you want good quality support. Most of the 24/7 support that you see out there offered is not technical support but rather support for sales or accounting.

    Another provider that I used and was great, Voxility. Super good support and great protection, the downside was the latency. In my case, I got worse latency with them than with OVH.

    Also, something just to consider, NEVER go with a reseller, there are way too many resellers of OVH that carry the exact same issues as OVH with the difference that there is a middleman between you and the real server/DDoS protection provider.

    I myself used OVH for some years and never had issues with them, I only switched because another hosting offered us a very good deal and we did not care about DDoS protection anyways because we had Cloudflare and spectrum take care of that, right now we are using Google Cloud + some dedicated servers from Zare.
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  8. So your saying people like MikeA is garbage? I sure and other competent resellers can give OVH support the run for the money even if normally OVH responsibilities ? What if they got a higher tier account? What if they know how to "game" the system a little to their advantages to get what they want/need for their clients? What if the end clients want a little bit of "value" service where you want someone to talk to for some server sided issue that OVH would not care for?

    I would say that's full of crap to be honest.
  9. "So your saying people like MikeA is garbage? I"
    Please do not put words in my mouth that I have never said.

    You completely ignored the point of my post which was referring to infrastructure and networking, levels to which no reseller has access no matter the account they own. It does not matter if you have their highest support tier or the lowest, OVH does not see downtime due to DDoS attack as something coverable by any of their SLAs so they always account it for lower priority unless it affects other customers as well and therefore it causes a noticeable disruption on the OVH infrastructure itself.

    If the issues are related to parts that OVH SLA covers then you have different SLA terms depending on the account you own, but that's about it.

    If you ever received a DDoS attack that happened to go through their VAC, they would ask you to provide a network dump and you would have to wait for a resolution (if any), on a low tier priority because this is something that is not covered by their SLA nor affects the OVH infrastructure.

    My point was, and still is, that if you face any of these issues with a reseller, it will be worse than having it handled by OVH directly (also please that you are mixing shared hosting and "gaming" plans with dedicated servers which is what OP is interested in).
  10. I was referring to this portion of posting...
    Your said word for word to NEVER use a reseller. So that is where I based the justification.
    I think him (at least I thought so?) and other reputable resellers do actually sell dedicated nodes as well. Either as unmanaged unit (just like OVH) or possibly with added support options (semi/full).

    That's still put reputable resellers at an advantage, no?

    My bottom lines is that your making it out like resellers are automatically bad no matter what. Yea it's won't do jack for DDoS problems but at least you might get your drives, RAM modules, etc replaced faster or whatever.
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  11. I can recommend nexril they’ve been around for a while. There ddos protection is excellent, as well as staff.
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  12. Thank you all for your replies! They were all very informative/useful! Also I appreciate the more detailed explanation regarding OVH @PinosTerra!
  13. What operating system did you use? Also, if you used Ubuntu did you have any trouble with the setup? One of the Trustpilot reviews mentioned they purchased several different dedi's and all times the Ubuntu installer was horrific..

    Also ty for the wide range of feedback on different hosts!
  14. I used CentOS 7 with my server back then, so I can't speak about the Ubuntu installation.
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  15. Nexril is a legitimate company. Personally haven't used them before, but it's owned by a guy who knows his stuff.

    He was also a former web developer and maintainer of MC-Market (@Lyphiard)
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  16. I also recommend Nexril. They provide great support and I've had absolutely no issue with any latency/performance issues so far.
  17. Thank you everyone for all of the kind words :)

    In regards to network latency, we do have a public looking glass you can use to test out latency to different hosts as well as check our current BGP routes: