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    Hello interested person,

    Today i'm here to discuss a very cool idea, and show the concepts / progress already made on the gamemode, are you sick of seeing your standard medieval based rpg popping up all over the place, are you looking for something different? Something with strategy, something that can be played for hours and still not get you close to the end goal? Well you're in the right place, SolenoidCRAFT is your answer!

    SolenoidCRAFT is a space based RPG, having the player travel the universe in seek of riches, resources and much more, having your own spaceship just for you. Personalize your spaceship by crafting or finding modules scattered around the galaxy, not interested in how strong your ship is? Just want to attack other players and take over? You can do exactly this, with installing a navigator module into your ship you can detect other player's ships and beam up to them, be aware because this player might be expecting you, fighting on an unknown ship is dangerous and might be the last ship you ever enter.

    If you're a more civilized player and prefer to get your wealth through trading this is absolutely possible, by traveling to various occupied space stations you can setup your own market and dominate the galaxy, selling, buying and trading over 5000 items.

    If you're a talented builder, and what to show of your creations, purchasing the holo deck module ( Donator Only ) ship will allow you to create your very own custom modules and put them straight into the game, with a dynamic module core system we're able to build modules directly in game and have them automatically update the code to bring your module to life, sell these modules on the open market to get money or let other players see your work of art.

    Below are various pictures taken during the alpha version of the game, these pictures are subject to change and don't reflect what the game mode is or will be in the future.

    If you've any suggestions on how you'd like to shape this gamemode please feel free to comment below on what you think can be done to improve it.

    if you'd like to get in contact with me about helping, my skype is xb0t3r.

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