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  1. I wanna prevent players from putting him selves a nick with Random letters (&k), or Underlined, i wanna them just changing their name and colors, nothing else.
    How can i do it?
  2. Use the following to only allow color. If you're not using essentials to nick I would look at your other plugins permission nodes and see what you can find. If you're using a different plugin and it doesn't allow you this freedom I would consider switching to essentials nick simply for its customization.
    - essentials.nick
    - essentials.nick.color
    P.S. if these don't fix the problem you can dissallow a perm by doing the following on pex. If you're not using pex find out what you need to do to dissallow a permission!
    - -essentials.nick.format
    Hope I was able to help!
  3. Strahan


    Yea.. that'd work, but it'd be better to just fix the permissions so they don't have it in the first place. By default, any permissions you do not specify they do not have. So just be sure their role only has essentials.nick and none of the nick subnodes and you'd be fine. No need to negate them if they do not have them.
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  4. True but without knowing what plugins he has for some reason a plugin hes using may have the perm set to default instead of op but usually yes that works. I'm just letting him know in case it doesn't work. Thanks for expanding
  5. That's easy, if they have essentials.chat.format permission negative it -essentials.chat.format and then give them essentials.chat.color

    Simple answer.