/nickname changing only colors?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by AndGK, May 3, 2017.

  1. Hey guys. I've seen some servers allowing for essential's /nickname command to change only player name's colors but not the name itself. How did they do it? ._.
  2. Look up Minecraft color codes, for example if you want your name Green you do /nick &a(yourign) ; &a being the color code for green
  3. It's not what I'm asking for... I'm asking how they restricted /nickname only to change colors but not names.
  4. Assuming your using Essentials give them the permission essentials.nick.color instead of essentials.nick
  5. You have to give both of these permissions:
    - essenstials.nick
    - essentials.nick.color
  6. Does not work, player can't change anything at all or they can change nickname not the colors of the name
  7. It works perfectly fine for me..
  8. It works, but players can change their name as well, when I want them only to change COLORS BUT NOT NAMES.
  9. You need to use EssentialsX, it only works with EssentialsX.
  10. I do use EssentialsX ._.
  11. Oh... it works for me. What version?
  12. Build 469 (jenkins)
  13. Just get a plugin made :/