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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by _ItzSneaky_, Feb 14, 2016.

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  1. Nick Name

    Hello I would like to request a plugin that is for nicknames, its different from all the others because with this nick name plugin I want you too be only able to change the color of your name.

    So if i do it on my self i do /nick &c&lBEAST it will give a error message saying That is not your real name! And if i do /nick &c&l_ItzSne&4&laky_ it will work. Also the ~ Key in essentials is annoying (I know you can disable it but without it you don't know who is who)

    Commands / Permissions
    /nick [NICKNAME] --------- permission: nickname.nick
    /nick off -------- permission:
    /nick off [PLAYER] ------- permission:
    /nick [PLAYER] [NICKNAME] -------- permission: nickname.nick.others

    Also can you have a config so we can edit messages and length of nicknames. Thank you!
  2. You could just do /nick <color> if you are only changing the color of the name. No need to do &fPourBrough when you can just do /nick red or /nick green. Then just use TagAPI to make it simple and for /nick green, do setTag(ChatColor.GREEN + playerName);. The playerName is a String variable which is set by using player get name to string or something.
  3. This could work but im trying to make it you can have multiple colours in your name, not just one solid colour. And if i use essentials people change there names and it gets confusing and annoying.
  4. Essentials is open source. All you have to do is go into the snippet of the /nick command and if the string doesn't == the player's name, return and send the player a message that the string didn't match their name.
  5. I would do that if i knew how to -_-... i don't do much coding... and im a retard D:
  6. Plugin development is insanely easy compared to something along the lines of Forge modding. I started plugin development before I even knew Java very well. It's nothing but understanding the Spigot API and making functions out of them to do things. You will rarely need to do anything strictly Java related. It's more like learning how to edit a picture rather than create one from scratch.

    This is how I learned over a year ago. It's only like 20 videos. Had no prior experience to any programming before these tutorials. It'll teach you the basics of everything. Just keep in mind that some things are obviously outdated. Like you will be inserting the Spigot jar and not Bukkit, etc. This should teach you more than enough to create the plugin you want, whether you choose to edit Essentials or create your own from scratch. There's other channels out there as well that will teach you more advanced stuff later on. Since then I've started learning Forge modding and Lua scripting for computer craft. It's not hard at all. It's just basic logic instructions. If you can create a flow chart, you can create a software program.

    If you aren't interested in any of that, then I believe there's a section where you can hire a developer. I'm sure for what you're asking for somebody would do it for free.
  7. Wow thanks! i will definitely watch this. i have always wanted to code plugins but never figured out how to. I just get bored learning java and give up... it means nothing to me when i read it. Also if i was to make my own Nickname plugin what will i have to do? As in for the commands... cause i have made a title plugin before but it was very very... i repeat BASIC... and im confused XD. And do you have skype? If you do can you Probably teach me? If you want ofc. i dont mind if u dont

    Edit: Im at school ATM so i can't do anything now.
  8. No, but I can make a Skype. Haven't coded in awhile and I'm watching those videos again as a refresher. Planning on making an Equivalent Exchange for Spigot.
  9. ChatColor.stripColor(nickname).equalsIgnoreCase(username);
  10. Just created a Skype. It's "PourBrough"
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  11. I dont get it LOL.
    Sorry was at break... adding you now
  12. Hi, i have a Nick Plugin.
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  13. If you want a plugin that does this, you need to learn java. What @MCMatters was giving you is the java code line for the feature or something :p
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