Bungee - Spigot Nickname Request 0.8

A simple Nickname Request System - Making nicknaming easier!

  1. TMFKSOFT submitted a new resource:

    Nickname Request - A simple Nickname Request System - Making nicknaming easier!

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  2. How to create Config.yml? or custom message
  3. Hey there ZwingGX,

    Thats currently unimplemented but it is planned for future updates.

    If you open up the plugin with WinRar or another archiver that opens Zipped folders you will find the config.yml which is showing what the plugin config will look like when implemented.

  4. Can you add an ability to turn off the console saying "Saving User <uuid here>"? It gets a bit spammy when you have multiple players.
  5. Yes, Thats left over debug data, I forgot to remove it when I released the first version.
    I'll have a new version released very soon. I'll remove the debug from it before I release it.

    Thanks for reminding me!
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    Formatting Controls & Less Debug Spam!

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  7. Would there be a way to convert the Essentials info into this plugin?
    Awesome plugin anyways! I love the update!
  8. Hey there!
    Thanks for the feedback, There currently isn't a way to do this but if required I can write a PHP/NodeJS Script than can convert the data manually if you want!

    Keep an eye out for updates and feel free to drop me suggestions and bug reports :)

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    Added Rank/Group support, StaleAPI Support, Nickname Formats.

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  10. Could you add a cooldown timer to make it so someone could only request a nickname once a month or how ever long and have the cooltime amount in the config
  11. TMFKSOFT updated Nickname Request with a new update entry:

    Fixed NullPointer and added the ability to accept and deny nicks via chat.

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  12. Hi, I could do that.
    I'll have to rework some stuff in the plugin though to do that.
    I'll keep it in mind for a future update though!

    I have some stuff planned for future updates, I'll add that to the list.

  13. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    Thanks for the update, I'll be looking into updating my server asap!
    One crazy feature request that will make owners melt at the thought of this plugin: Permission based prepending of colors to names, E.g.
    nicknamerequest.group.red would make the nickname red
    nicknamerequest.group.bue would make the nickname blue and so on and so forth

    It's common for servers to have tier packages which gives each player a different color nickname dependent upon the tier level they have, Either storing it into the nickname when they request it, or prepending upon loading their nickname. Not sure how much of a pain this would be to implement in the current code, but it would be cool!
  14. Oh you mean default nickname formatting?
    I could add this as a config option instead of permissions option.
    Where permissions groups in the config will automatically append custom formatting codes.

    Like this:

    duke: '&c&l'
    knight: '&b&l'

    So a player with the perms group Duke will have the nick "&c&lTMFKSOFT" when they request "TMFKSOFT",
    Having their styles change along with their rank would be useful so they dont need to change their nick.

    Have you looked into using permissions prefixes and suffixes to do this?
    As it's just as easy to do via that.

    I'm all for such a feature but it could be easier to use permissions' built in features.

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  15. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    The way we currently have the server setup means this would be virtually impossible for us as far as I know, We use prefixes and suffixes already for various bits of information (e.g. RP rank as well as showing special titles), so I don't think this would work.

    The idea would be that if the info was added in as they logged in or the nick was updated, instead of actually being stored upon request.

    We only use the name colours for donation tiers and certain ranks where they have to request the colors anyways due to them being unique in RP aspect, otherwise I'd already be doing it inside the permissions system if I knew of a suitable way to do it that didn't mess up the existing formatting.

    Thanks for the reply and the consideration of such a feature, Always nice to have a developer who's listening to suggestions and provide feedback on comments from users! :)
  16. Ah okie,
    what do you think to the idea of it being a configuration feature where permission groups are added to prefix nicknames?

  17. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    Sorry, Been a bit too busy to check this site, If by that you mean you could configure the plugin so that say;
    nicknamerequest.prefix.tier1 could be configured to prefix something to the front of a nickname, that's pretty ideal as to what I would want, and I'm fairly sure that it would be used by others who use the plugin too!

  18. Does this plugin have a mysql storage or is it planned for in the future if it is not?