Bungee - Proxy NickNamer - Bungee synchronizer 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT

Bungeecord data synchronizer for NickNamer

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  2. What is the behaviour behind offline mode networks
  3. NickNamer is fully compatible with offline mode.
  4. This would Fix the Skins on offline mode server?
  5. If the affected players have a real minecraft account, yes.
  6. what happened with the version numbers
  7. The first version number was copied from NickNamer (which wasn't really intended). Since this is a separate plugin, we're now on version 1.0.1.
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  8. Goooood for my proxy thanks !!
  9. I've installed NickNamer and it workd fine. But the NickNamerBungee does nothing. There is nowhere a config where I could write my MySQL datas in. Where can I enter my MySQL datas ?
    Is it a Bungee Plugin or a Server Plugin? I tried it out at bouth plugin folders
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  10. NickNamerBungee just goes in the bungeecord server plugins folder and will start syncing skins and nicks etc from any connected server with nicknamer. doesnt make any folders or anything, i think it just keeps it all in server memory..
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  11. What would be the behaviour on MultipleBungee instnaces
  12. I get this error on startup. What does it mean?
  13. You can add French Language ?
  14. This plugin doesn't have any messages which could be changed to another language.
    If you're talking about the NickNamer spigot plugin, you can customize all the messages in the config.
  15. Nickname will still be cleared after the restart bungeecord. Can you add MySQL storage?