Spigot Nicky 0.7

Simple SQL nickname plugin.

  1. I guess that's why it was undocumented! Try this, I cant remember why I never finished this feature..

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  2. Worked perfectly, thanks!
  3. When I use the nicky placeholder in DeluxeChat, (same thing for essentials nickname placeholder) the nickname prefix indicator doesn't appear when someone has a nickname, which makes impersonating much easier.


    /nick ZyrTheOwner

    What it should show:

    What it actually shows:

    Do you have any ideas of a workaround for this issue?
  4. Please make message editable! I'd like to change the colors of the messages :)
  5. Nicknaming other people is very buggy. When you name someone else it says you changed your name to the new nick even though you are changing someone else's name.
    When you nick someone else it works in chat but in both tab and in /list it shows the formatting codes instead of the actual colors. The colors work in chat and this only happens if you are named by someone else and not by yourself.
    Is there something we are missing in the config?

  6. I have the same problem

    and i have this

    Players are getting dead names ... in all the the plugins like Essentials ..AntiAFK+ etc
  7. is there a way to deny using &k
    And long nicknames ???
    I tried to do this
    length: 10
    but everyone can still use
    Long nicknames like
    20+ letters in it :/
  8. Can you make the messages configurable please? Would be a cool addition.
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  9. yes please do it @Melonking
  10. Is the pluginner still active?

    I have installed it right now, but when i set a nickname with colors, i sets with the color numbers/letters instead of colors...

    For example, i set myself as &4Dave&6Devil and instead of coloring my nickname, it sets to 4Dave6Devil
  11. Aye, still here bucko. You need the color permission to have colors or they wont be formatted. If you set the color permission after logging in, you'll need to refresh your display name by relogging. (Alternatively you can use the placeholderapi Nicky hook that should auto update)
  12. It's worth noting that the maximd placeholders are a little messed up. It's "Nicky_nickanme" not nicky nickname. Spelling error that I found out about after a million trial and errors.
    Btw melon, stay tuned for the long-awaited mostly bug free papermail update coming out in a week or two xD
  13. Damnd Papermail, that plugin has been the bane of my life. I'm so glad its being updated iv never found a replacement xD
  14. Haha xD I'm adding craftable custom mailboxes with Skull textures that are configurable(the crafting recipes are also), automatic mailbox registration on placement, custom Writing Paper BOOK_AND_QUILL item that converts to a piece of paper with Recipient as displayName and letter contents as the lore when you finish and sign the book,(making sure none of the custom items are able to be used in a crafting table, etc) doing /sendmail <recipient> <content> will place the letter item in the recipients inbox immediately if you don't have Citizens2, if you have Citizens2 a Bat will spawn and carry your letter to whatever is closer, the recipient's closest mailbox or the recipient himself, and drop off the letter, the inbox will have unlimited space and scroll buttons to scroll through the inventories and view your mail/items, eventually going to re-add the vault support(configurable) and ability to send money through the mail, and much more. It's a huge WIP, but I'm getting close to finishing up the core components. Anyway, I'm cluttering up your discussion page. You can check out some of the progress here : https://github.com/BukkitCodersUnited/paperMail
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  15. Of course I have nicky.color.normal and I even tried to reboot the server, login etc, but it doesn't work...

    Where can I find the placeholders?

    EDIT: Ok I found the problem: the permission node nicky.color.normal is not being read while I try to set my nickname. I looked with LuckPerms Verbose function, and /nick command checks the following permissions:


    I added them, and now it works... so, it seems to be a problem with nicky.color.normal permission node...
  16. That's strange, I'm using an updated version on my own server and Iv not had any issue, so I'm going to assume it was isolated. But there are a few lil fixes on the way.

    The nicky.color.normal node is defined in the plugin.yml, so if there is any issue you can correct it there.
  17. I have to make some other tests... I had correct colored nickname... I went to another server in the bungee network (without Nicky) and back to the first one, and again my nickname was not correct (numbers instead parsing colors)
  18. Hey, is there a way to show names that include a bit more special characters like "ô"?
  19. Yep, look for the characters config "characters: '[^a-zA-Z0-9_§]'", any characters or character ranges in here will be allowed in a nickname, anything else will be filters out.
  20. I second this, causes a lot of grief with our setup that automatically removes a nickname after a month. Well, attempts to remove, because it can't when someone is offline. Would be great if this was fixed.