Nights Crash

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    Suddenly nightfall server Spigot 1.10 (latest build) crashes because memory is fulll 30 of 30gb. Spigot crash and Bungee dropped (all 1.10). Logs clear =\

    Plugins: WorldEdit, HealthBar, Essentials, Wban, ClearLag, DynPad, WorldGuard, Joiner, SignEdit, EssentialsChat, PermissionsEx, SuperSpleef, NBTFix, MineResetLite, CustomJoinItems, Vault, HideStream, UralClans, ChatGuard, ProtocolSupport, EssentialsSpawn, ItemRestrict, boosCooldowns, PlayerHeads, TitleManager, ScoreboardStats, HolographicDisplays, Marriage, WRandomTp, ColoredTags, ChestCommands, NoChestPlus.

    Java crash:
  2. CustomJoinItems,I have got this plugin a literally explote the console and crash the server.You have to remove the plugin folder.
    If you remove the plugin,will happen the same error.
    Srry man
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