NMS, I need your help

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  1. Hello guys, recently, I tried to use the nms with spigot, because I don't understand how it works...
    I know how to use reflection but I don't understand the Pathfinder goals, in particular on the passive mobs.
    I want to make passive mobs attack the players with custom strength, and others parameters like speedattack... I would like to make mobs attack with spells like fireball, particles, ... and make items attack, like a enraged apple... Yes, an enraged apple :D ...

    I also want to learn how to modify items particularity, like durability, damage, speed when the item is held, but I know that it isn't nms but that it is NBT tags.

    Thank you for your help :)

    NB: If you have an API or a library for this, in spigot 1.8.3, you can give me a link, or the file on the replies, it would be my pleasure :) .
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  2. Please ? I really want your help
  3. It sounds like you are trying to modify the behavior of the default entities. Probably possible, but a large undertaking. You're asking for help on a very broad subject that is equivalent to asking "How do I make my plugin?".

    You could try an NPC plugin such as Citizens, but it doesn't modify the default behavior. Instead you create NPC's and use the Citizens API to give them logic.
  4. I want to modify the strength, the maxLife, the speed of an entity, and be able to make passive entities attack the players.
    I found a post about it but that post was for the 1.7.10 Spigot Update... And the NMS change at each version...
  5. Max life can be set using the Bukkit API via LivingEntity#setMaxHealth.

    I would start by looking at the source code for Minecraft and Spigot, which is included when you run the Build Tools, to see where you can insert your functionality.
  6. I look that tomorrow ;) Tkx