1.8.8 NMS on IntelliJ

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by SkyThund3r, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. Hi, I was wondering I I could use NMS/Packets on IntelliJ. I have been able to do it on eclipse but not IntelliJ.

    Thanks in advanced
    1. Run BuildTools
    2. Convert your project into a Maven project
    3. replace spigot-api with spigot
    4. Enjoy your life
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  2. + Add craftbukkit to maven.
  3. 5. Profit

    Not necessary if you are using spigot instead of spigot-api

    If you choose not to go with the maven route (I highly recommend you do) here is what you do:
    1) Build a spigot jar via build tools
    2) In IJ go to Project Structure (not sure where that is on Windows but on Mac its under File)
    3) Click modules ... on the top-off-center you will see Dependencies, click that
    4) Add your newly build Spigot.jar to your dependencies.
  4. If using maven, won't changing the artifact id from spigot-api to spigot work?
  5. Yes, as already stated in the thread by another user: