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  1. Recently I have started working with packets and that stuff and some packets were changed from 1.7.10 to 1.8.(X), and I was using https://github.com/Bukkit/mc-dev/blob/master/net/minecraft/server/ to see what I need to see to create the packets.
    Now I cant see the source of the nms of Spigot 1.8.4 and I cant do that stuff.
    I checked the developer hub but there is not any nms code, so....
    Consider that I am very new to nms coding, also I weren't aware of the changes between 1.7.10 and the updated spigot 1.8.(X).
    So, how can I see https://github.com/Bukkit/mc-dev/blob/master/net/minecraft/server/ updated for Spigot 1.8.(X).
  2. Hi Jaime!

    You'll need to run BuildTools.jar, which will generate the entire source of Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot-API and Spigot-Server. This is a precaution taken due to the issues faced after the Wolverness DMCA takedown issue. You'll be able to find all the NMS source code inside CraftBukkit.

    If for any reason you need to use a different version, use the --rev argument when running the jarfile followed by the version (e.g 1.8.3).
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  3. You dont need to look in the packets to see how to send them. You can see what you need to send here:

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  4. Thanks! There is the source!

    I know that, but for some reason I feel more comfortable seeing the source file instead of this docs, thanks anyway.
  5. Okay, I found myself inside another issue.
    I only have 7 packet java files, as seen on http://gyazo.com/1d418540da61a6faa1cb09b555bb4ca1, in other versions I had lots more than this.
    The path I tried is "Builder/CraftBukkit/src/main/java/net/minecraft/server"
  6. Hint: look in net.minecraft.network or net.minecraft.server.network

    If i remember right^^ Just searvh for "PlayOut"
  7. There is no folder/package inside "net.minecraft.server" or "net.minecraft" than "server", just files
  8. Then just search around a bit :)
  9. I dont understand why it is not included inside Craftbukkit or Spigot folders, I found it inside Builder\work\decompile-dc0161a7\net\minecraft\server