Spigot No Black Sky [1.8.x - 1.17.x] for void world 2.3

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  1. Same issue as this guy:

    Perhaps it just doesn't work with paper? I'm using paper
  2. I am also using paper
  3. It worked fine with paper 1.15... just not since 1.16
  4. Hello. I was wondering when this will be updated to 1.16.3?
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  5. do you know a way how to do this without packet, like how to actually make the world type be flat? because I've tried level-type=flat in server.properties, but that keeps the black sky and this plugin still removes black sky (on 1.15.2)
  6. You must regen you world or you need to edit the nbts with an external program. I will let you know ;)
  7. thank you for the information, I checked with NBTExplorer the difference between newly generated superflat world's NBT and my world's NBT, I found the structure to differ significantly, so I just adapted newly generated world's level.dat to fit my old world and moved it over, it works!
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  8. It might be beneficial to the rest of the community to say how you did it.
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  9. I have already explained it in the post you quoted, there isn't much more to that, just changing level name to match the world name
  10. gamerover98 updated No Black Sky [1.7.x - 1.16.x] for void worlds with a new update entry:

    Updated to 1.16 and a lot of features

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Hmm so somehow I can't get the error anymore. This was only the case when I started the server with the plugin for the first time. But other thing. The sky is only removed until 0. Below 0 it gets black again. Is there a possibility to remove the sky as well?
    I am building a galaxy map with a void world. Then it will look stupid.
  12. You can't remove the sky from the world. You can "simulate" a space world by creating a world with end environment.
  13. Thanks. Is there a way to remove the filmgrain from the end world and make the color black instead darkpurple?
  14. Nope. You must use a resource pack
  15. Thanks for Info.
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