Spigot No Craft Plus - Disable Crafting Recipes 2.1.2

Disable crafting recipes for Vanilla Minecraft items

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    NoCraft - Disable vanilla crafting recipes

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    Major update!

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    ***Performance Update***

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  4. works in spigot 1.14.4?
    i need
  5. The plugin only works on the version it is made for.
  6. Instruction running error in paper1.16, please fix as soon as possible I need this plugin
  7. Can you provide more information? The plugin works perfectly fine with Spigot, which is compatible with Paper.
  8. Is there a way to disable the "crafting-disabled" message entirely? if I remove any text from it, it just posts a blank line in chat, and if I remove the line from the lang.yml file, it just adds it back again.
  9. I can add support
  10. Thank you.
    Can you also make it so that the lang file is reloaded with the plugin? As it is now, you have to restart the server to see changes from the lang file.