No damage?

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  1. On my server no one takes any damage I have no idea what is stopping damage.
    Here is a list of my plugins (please no hate for the amount of plugins)
  2. Could be a number of different things causing it. It's hard to tell just from a list of plugins though.

    I would take a look at all your configs for WorldGuard, MultiWorld, and MapManager. Check all your WorldGuard region flags too. It may or may not be any of those plugins causing it, but I had a similar issue once and it turned out to be something with MultiVerse, can't remember what it was though.
  3. I checked all the configs and regions and nothing
  4. electronicboy

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    Disable every plugin, Load them back one by one until the issue is replicated.
  5. I think it's hubbasics cause it didn't load properly on 1.9.4 but it still loaded
  6. Well do people receive damage without that plugin installed?
  7. No, but I disabled that feature but I think 1.9.4 broke it
  8. Well, you do have a lot of plugins installed, making it extremely difficult to debug.

    It would be a pain, but you could always try disabling all your plugins and re-enabling one by one. I don't know what else to suggest at the moment.
  9. I will thanks everyone