No Drops At All [$5 For Fixing]

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Genocidal, Jun 26, 2015.

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  2. This is actually my server XD but he is my dev. Currently some bugs. I told him to post this and ask all you spigot peeps to help out. We provided plenty of info. Explode is completely disabled to only for Obsidian and Bedrock durability. just and FYI
  3. Might belong in Spigot plugin help, so if it is can a moderator move it?
  4. Can I see your pex file?
  5. Lol you forgot to add
    - modifyworld.*

    I'm going to upload the plugin today what's your server ip any way?
  6. Modifyworld is no longer supported. Its a seperate plugin.
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  7. We will release ip when all our bugs are fixed.

    To prevent the drama that happened in the past in spigot... my server was unprofessional -_-
  8. Currently loading each plugin slowly back to find the guilty plugin culprit. We will try your idea even though we do not have modifyworld

    Edit: we are using binary elimination (1 half of plugins will be disabled. 1 half remains so forth)
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  9. Permission EX is not at fault. WE just loaded a half of plugin lists without PermEX and we have the error. Narrowing it down by half again ;)
  10. We are cutting our plugin folder by half and half until we receive the error plugin.
  11. Removed silkspawners and it still doesnt work! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP
  12. I removed FactionsUUID and it seems to have fixed it. Kinda hard to run a Factions server without Factions though...
  13. Report it to the factions dev page.
  14. It might be conflicting with a different plugin of its same environment.
    Edit: Show me your MultiVerse configuration.
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