No grass for animal spawning!

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  1. Hello spigot community, i am looking for a way to allow animals to spawn from mob spawners without having to have a grass block placed near them e.g sheep will just spawn on stone if there a sheep spawner onto of it!?

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  2. Wanna know too! Bump!
  3. I haven't seen a plugin that allows that, but I'm sure you could find a custom coder to make you a plugin that allows this.
  4. ./gamerule doMobSpawning true/false

    ./rg flag __global__ mob-spawning deny/allow
    ./rg flag __global__ mobspawning deny/allow
  5. It's not possible to dis-allow them to spawn without code. That denys spawns above^
  6. Read carefully what @connor3253 asked.
  7. And he's correct. If you want something like a sheep to spawn on something other than what it's programmed to spawn on, you will need to make code for it. This will take a plugin, I'm sure you'll find hundreds of plugin developers to help you out.
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