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  1. Is it possible for me to create a NO-IP DNS to redirect to my Minecraft server hosted by Shockbyte. Every time I go to create the DNS it says that my server IP is invalid, I think this is because it is not dedicated and has a port. What am I doing wrong?


    Edit: I tried the Port 80 redirect option and it allowed me to enter the host and port, but now when I try to access the new hostname via Minecraft, it does not connect.
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  2. If your server is using port 25565, Don't add it to the No-IP ip address field. As the client will automatically connect to that port.

  3. I do not have a dedicated IP.
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  4. It should work regardless, As long as you're supplying No-Ip with you minecraft servers ip. My VPS works in the same way and, I've setup a No-Ip address to it in the past.