No monster spawn during day in dark areas, very slow egg production

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by adam_nox, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Two separate issues, maybe more to come, possibly related, possibly not. Here is my plugin list.

    AuthMe, EnderSpawn (only affects ender dragon XP handouts), More Potions, MythicDrops, PEX, powerNBT, ProperTime (only function is to change length of day night cycle), ProtocolLib (to help Skript), Rebalance Villagers, Recipe Manager, Repair Recipe, Salvage Smelter, Simple Inventory Backup, Skript (no cancellation effects in spawn triggers), Terrain Control, Vault, XPMultiplier.

    My TPS is 20 (well 19.85, but doesn't waiver).

    Ok a disclaimer. I may be remembering wrong. But I thought monsters could spawn in dark areas even during the day, such as in caves. However, none spawn during the day since I made the switch to spigot. Only during the night. Mob spawners the exception.

    Second issue. Chickens are laying eggs very slowly, sometimes not at all. Like one after 7 minutes of first getting close to the chicken, then never again.

    Are there some settings I need to check for either of these?
  2. Maybe check your spigot.yml file
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  3. What specifically should I check it for that could have this affect?