1.15.2 No option to import JavaPlugin, despite...

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Hydroman, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. adding the spigot-api-shaded jar file in (of 1.15.1).
  2. I don't understand your problem describe it so I can help you.
  3. Not how else to describe it. I need to import JavaPlugin class, but there's no option for a fix in the console.
  4. can you send me a screenshot
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  5. This post is very vague, lacks a lot of information. Next time be more informative by adding steps you took and things you've already tried.
    From what I understand you can't import JavaPlugin from Spigot

    Which could mean two things,
    1) You have the wrong .jar file
    2) You didn't add (or added wrong) .jar file to your build path

    Here's a wiki with step by step on how to create a JavaPlugin and add the .jar file to your build path

    If you think you might have the wrong spigot .jar file, check out this link with all .jar files ready for download

    If that still doesn't help, you might want to read these documents/threads
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  6. upload_2020-1-21_18-8-46.png
    Here's the screenshot

    By any chance I can add the jar file, If I did add wrong, into existing projecting without having to recreate it? If so, how?

    I'm not sure exactly how I can mistaken a file If I followed all the instructions provided by this site.
  7. I am not sure, but I think your problem is that you didn't add the API to the build path,

    left-click on your project, and then hover over the build path, then a small menu should pop up, then click the "add external archives", now a explore should pop up, then just find your spigot API. Hope it helps
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  8. JRE system library ?
  9. no, your spigot.jar file :)
  10. This URL contains step by step tutorial on how to create a plugin which also contains how to add a jar file to your build path, read it.