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  1. I got no idea what is happening to MultiCraft, none of my players are showing up even if i search at usernames, and idea on how to solve this?

    *This was meant for my multicraft panel, the database / the list of players, their not showing up.

    Even if i search at specific names.
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  2. Problem 1. Your using multicraft.
    Problem 2. Can we get some more information? Where are you searching and more specifically what are you searching for?
    I'm somewhat assuming it's player data files so those would be located in the players folder inside the world folder l
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  3. I dont see why using multicraft is a problem which is the easiest way.

    Will move to TCAdmin later.

    Info:? Like all the plugins im using?:
    WorldEdit 'n guard.
    Essentials 2.x
    Ess. Groupmanager 2.x
    And 18 more, will add more to this comment later this day.
  4. It's multicrap... what do you expect?
  5. JamesJ


    If you run a real server, you'll use SSH -facepalm-
  6. Try updating multicraft, it fixes this bug.
  7. Contact your host. It is most likely a problem with their setup
  8. Incorrect use of "real". Condescension isn't nice.
    On topic - Without knowing much, I assume some error in install.
  9. Are you using a shared host or did you install MultiCraft by yourself?
  10. You probably installed the jars wrong.
  11. It's the only thing ive run through 3 years and its never been crap.

    I got no idea what your talking so xD!

    Will ask my host.. Might change host after all.

    I will.

    In the start of server there's no error exept Obfuscator keeps saying its not updated when it is. (3.0.5)


    I dont mess with the jars, i only select from multicraft and i use the bukkit-spigot 1.8 - Im 90 versions behind the latest build from the 1.8 spigot build im using.
  12. A good host is,

    Use code MineShaft for $6/gig
  13. 6$/gig is alot :eek:
    Also their website made me think i was sharing my screen because of the orange border.. idk why.
    8$/gig is alot, but a 2$ off coupon they still make alot.
  14. It is a good host. I have been stress tested many times and never been offline. The support is great and there are never petty things like to many servers on your own pannel like many other hosts.
  15. Its sorted out.

    Ive had cheaper and i probably will use something in this area for hosting my server.

    Next host will be AcornServers or Spillvert - Both are good, exept AS is cheaper.

    Spillvert is norwegian .. and much more expensive xD! *hard choice*.

    - M