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  1. Is there a plugin or a way to disable /plugins
    Or is it possible with PermissionEX

    Please help:eek:
  2. Yes. Negate the bukkit.command.plugins permission.
  3. Add "-bukkit.command.plugins"
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  4. Does it need to bee bukkit or spigot?( -bukkit.command.plugins or -spigot.command.plugins)
  5. bukkit
  6. The bukkit one!
  7. On my servers i always add the permission node "-bukkit.command.*" so players can't use any bukkit commands such as /version, /plugins, etc. There are also plugins that can change the message when players do /plugins. If you need any other help or a better explanation PM me.
  8. Use your commands.yml and block the command
  9. ItzXReplay thanks that's a really good idea
    and it worked so i dont need any more help
    thanks all of you
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  10. That will stop the owner using it, it's easier to just remove the permission.