No-premium players on server with online-mode=true

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by excambaw, Jul 9, 2021.

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  1. Someone knows how to do that?
  2. you cant lol thats the point of online-mode
  3. yeah you can

    i know a bunch of servers that uses this method
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  4. No way
  5. Impossible :ROFLMAO:
  6. the most popular brazilian server uses that method
  7. Just say fuck off to cracked players. If they like the game that much: let them buy it.
    Run your server in online mode, and you also don't have to worry about getting blacklisted.
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  8. Then their online-mode=false not true, if has online-mode=true there is no way ever that any non premium player could join
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  9. i just would like to know how they do that because for me it was impossible since i see that
  10. ok bro go and check the server by yourself and then you will see thats possible
  11. No it is impossible
  12. And how are we supposed to see the contents of
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  13. There is no way to have "cracked" players on a "onlinemode true" server.
    However there are plugins where you can get a bypass for premium players on a "onlinemode false" server while the non premium players need to log in. I used one of those plugins but i dont know the name anymore, if you search it up you will sure find one.

    @mrfloris i wouldnt say that, the biggest part of minecraft are kids, and most of them cant buy minecraft for whatever reasons (i was one of them when i was a kid when minecraft first released, it was even cheaper but i was on non premium for years)
  14. You can check the file from playing a server lmao
  15. Strahan


    Then they should ask their parents. Not having the ability to buy something doesn't equate to free license to steal it, and most assuredly does not equate to expecting server owners to bend over backwards to support said theft.
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  16. They’re basically saying: as a kid I wanted a toy in a store my mom said no so I stole it, problem solve. A few years later once I gwt the money and go back and buy the same toy again
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  17. just login with a client that only works on a premium server and then u will see that works even the server is for cracked too
  18. you are so stupid omfg
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  19. yeah you can bypass online mode=true
  20. You can’t directly. The only method bypassing this kind of thing is to have a BungeeCord server and joining directly into the Minecraft servers instead of joining through Bungee. But the reason of that is because the servers don’t use a proper firewall, not because of online-mode=true because the servers are all online-mode=false except Bungee.
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