No PvP ???? help please!!

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  1. Hey so I'm not a noob before you say "look in" i have and still not working. The basis of my problem is the fact that I CAN hit players but players can't hit me what i don't understand is why players can hit each other but no me lmao. I have tried , mv, regions etc but with no luck.

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  2. Do you have a permissions plugin? It could be that

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  3. Yes, players can pvp fine just me or admins can't hit each other OR players can't hit us but we can hit players and players can pvp each other
  4. You might have some kind of permission to make you exempt from being hit.

    This is why you don't give the literal "*" permission node to yourself.

    You'll have to find out which plugin is causing it. You could disable plugin by plugin until it's fixed.
  5. ye .... i mean players can hit each other just not me lmao
  6. Gaxan


    Sounds like your staff has invincible set or they are in creative mode.
    Could also be a plugin with a permission as nano said.
  7. I'm sure its not invincible
  8. /god ??

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  9. Im sure it can't be
  10. any ideas? I'm rally not sure
  11. Whats your server IP I'll see what the problem is
  12. could u give me your ip ill test something for u ill look at it
  13. Ok its
  14. Ok il join, my username is LivacoYT

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  15. Sure thanks for helping me
  16. oh yeh its 1.8 lmao