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No server counter?

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Scorpion, May 11, 2015.

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  1. Every server has a player counter of how many are online on the server / max amount of players able to get online, we have upgraded spigot to 1.8.3 and every server runs on 1.8.3 but now our server is not showing the online amount, it always shows 0/64 i dont have pics as i dont know how to make it only show that, To get the idea, look at any server then how many are online, big servers usually have 543/9999 online, ours always remains 0. I have a few bungee plugins


    i think its spigot as it all broke since spigot got updated and we merely had to update it all..
    The server list plus is a plugin that lets us put info under it so made it show the player info of survival as thats most use to show that there are players online, however we have 4 servers, and that plugin only allows 1 world before the bar is full and the server counter only reads the hub..
  2. You most likely have ping_passthrough set to true in your bungeecord config. Set this value to false:

    ping_passthrough: false

    This will result that pings do not go to the default server / forced server, instead BungeeCord is used.
  3. hahaha i did indeed! haha forgot about that :p lets see if it that was the reason :) thx!

    EDIT: That was the one indeed. Thanks! this can be closed!
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  4. report the thread to get it closed
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