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Bug NoCheat Plus PvP Lag?

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Zeokon, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm receiving PvP lag when people hit each other it takes time to respond. Building, placing blocks and chatting is all fine PvP is just the problem, any fixes?
  2. Ok... and why is this posted here and not on NoCheat forums?
  3. Please report such things on our BukkitDevPage or better make a ticket that describes your issue.

    However if NC+ has to cancel much events then its possible to get a little bit of lag on your server. You should first tell which check exactly gets canceled much on your server, after that you can add a kick action to be called on a certain VL level.

    Remember: Every event that has to be canceled will cost a little bit of performance/calculation.
  4. Except he filed this as a bug in spigot... Spigot isn't nocheatplus so this thread is not valid.
  5. NoCheat has no lag issues.
    Your CPU is probably running at over 150%, therefore resulting in VERY low TPS.
  6. 20/20TPS 1270v2 CPU..32GB ram.
  7. No, that is not a true statement.

    NoCheat does cause quite a bit of "lag" in the sense it uses a lot of CPU, because it does a lot.

    For users of beefier systems, they can still be fine, but on lower end servers, NoCheat can potentially put them over the threshold of keeping 20/20.

    Installing it doesnt guarantee you'll start lagging, but it can be the primary cause of your server lagging depending on situations.
  8. My server gets no lag at all from NoCheat. Its response times is one of the slowest on my server.
  9. because you have 5 online, I have over 200+
  10. I'm sorry? 200+ here also. Current 60 online due to a few restarts though. Over 12,000 forum members active. Don't call me small lol. My servers a constant 20TPS with over 65 plugins, but its highly optimized with a VERY powerful 8 core xeon CPU at 4GHZ.
  11. Oh yeah, you have that cracked server...no wonder why you have alot online...
  12. haha...most of your online website users and bots and shit anyway due to a cracked server. Besides, 80% of our online members are browsing our main website, not forum. Funny how you said my server has 5 online? Even though Vareide made a video of it and we get daily 250+ online the server (PREMIUM, NOT CRACKED)

    Trust me, if my servers was not very large, I would of never been able to pay vareide what I did to get advertising done.

  13. Who's that...
  14. Never heard of gtop100 in my entire life. Besides, don't compare a cracked server to premium on amount of players, you never win.
  15. haha;) cant believe you don't know him, Click on the video, and goto his channel. He MADE survival games, and famous YouTuber.
  16. Jealously is a crime...tsktsktsk.
  17. Sorry, I'm not sad enough to find Minecraft youtube stars. I only look at the real deals. NigaHiga, TheChengMan etc.
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