NoCheatPlus causing rubberbanding when jumping?

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  1. So I'm using the latest dev build of NoCheatPlus, from April 30th, which most people recommend to do. But I'm having two issues with it.

    1. When players are running in parkour, they often get rubberbanded by NoCheatPlus right in the middle of jumps.
    2. I have a double jump plugin which fires players forward and up fairly fast. Every 1 in 5 jumps players are rubberbanded in mid-air.

    Without NCP both of these things work fine - so NCP is definitely the cause.

    Does anyone know how can I ease up the NCP checks to prevent this - rather than just disabling them.

    I assume it's in this section:
    Code (Text):
          active: true
            vertical-accounting: true
          falldamage: true
          actions: log:flyshort:3:10:f cancel vl>100 log:flyshort:0:10:if cancel vl>400 log:flylong:0:5:cif cancel vl>1500 log:flylong:0:5:cif cancel cmd:kickfly
            active: true
            step: 5
            ticks: 85
            loginticks: 0
            falldamage: true
            sfviolation: 500
    But I'm not what values to change to ease this up. Any ideas? I'm guessing other people have had this same issue.
  2. Have you tried asking the Dev Team? Might be a good Place to get answers.
  3. I think they are Well-funded by "Big" Servers.....Unfortunate...
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  4. [​IMG]

    I'm wondering if there is a known solution to this, it's been 7+ months since it was asked and there doesn't seem to be anything noticeable when searching.
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  5. I gave up on all these anti cheat plugins...They can Blah blah blah all they want...They don't work. Sry Devs...
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