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    NoCheatPlus is an Anti-Cheat plugin to protect your server from cheaters. But, currently, there are many flaws within NoCheatPlus. The goal of this config is to maximize the performance of NoCheatPlus while limiting False Positives. Once the config is perfected, it will be introduced to the NoCheatPlus developers to potentially be the future default NoCheatPlus config.

    This is a free, custom, NoCheatPlus Config. This config fixes many of NoCheatPlus's flaws. It will punish hackers when it is sure they are hacking. The config is shaped based on community input. I will adjust the config and the community has the option to respond about an option. Below you find other information on the config and how to help out with the config.

    Features of this Config:
    • Limits False Positives
    • Drastically Improve the performance of NoCheatPlus
    • Limits notify messages to significantly reduce spam
    • Blocks commands to view plugins
    • Reduces server lag caused by NoCheatPlus
    • Easier to read messages
    • Punishments for hacking
    • In-Game warning for hackers
    • Captcha enabled to stop Spam-Bots
    • More detailed notify messages
    • Smoother PvP
    • And much more!
    With the config, you will find noticeable improvement in NoCheatPlus.

    - Fly
    - AirMove
    - AirWalk
    - BunnyHop
    - BoatFly
    - ElytraFly
    - FastFall (Minor)
    - FastLadder
    - Glide
    - Jetpack
    - LongJump
    - Phase
    - ScaffoldWalk (Some forms)
    - Spider
    - Speed
    - Step (Some forms)
    - Blink
    - Timer
    - NoFall
    - NoWeb (Minor)
    Block Checks
    - CivBreak
    - ClickNuker
    - FastBreak
    - FastPlace
    - LiquidInteract
    - Nuker
    - SpeedNuker
    - NukerLegit
    Combat Checks
    - Aimbot*
    - KillAura*
    - AutoAttack*
    - ClickAimbot
    - ClickAura
    - FightBot*
    - FastBow
    - MultiAura
    - ForceField
    - Criticals (Jump and Packet)
    - Velocity (When AntiAntiKnockback is installed)
    - Fight Reach
    - Fight Speed
    Player/World Checks
    - Derp
    - Headless
    - Regen
    - FastClick
    - FastDrop
    - FastEat

    Hacks not blocked:
    - Jesus
    - NoSlowDown
    - More advanced KillAura
    - Automatic mods that do it for the player (AutoSprint, AutoMine, etc)
    - Inventory Move

    * May take time to notify/take action. Has best effect when fighting multiple entities. Low settings on one entity has a very low chance of being detected. NoCheatPlus does not have support for Killaura so it may not work best.


    This isn't just about me making the config and you using it, it involves the community too! If you find anything wrong with the config or find something that needs improvement, let me know! All input is welcome. Down below you can find information on how to contribute in the project.

    1. Use the latest community config to adjust.

    2. Once you have adjusted and tested your config and found it effective, post your config using the following format:

    Config: (Preferred Pastebin)
    Changes you made:
    How these improvements should help:

    3. I will then take a look at your config, I will test it myself and compare and changes to the config. Once I have agreed upon your changes, I will post it as the latest community config. It may take some time to test your config and post depending on my schedule.
    Now let's take a look at a part of the config:
    Code (Text):
          active: true
          actions: cancel vl>10 log:bdirection:0:5:if cancel
    Now, I'll comment this to make sure you understand:
    Code (Text):
    blockbreak: # This is title of the check. You will find all Block Breaking checks under this.
        direction: # This is a check sub-title. This is the direction of which a player breaks a block. If the player triggers this check, it will do the actions below.
          active: true # This is changed if you want this check enabled. If it is false, any block breaking direction events will not be handled.
          actions: cancel vl>10 log:bdirection:0:5:if cancel # This is what happens if the Block Break Direction event is triggered.
    Now, let's go in depth about the action part:
    Code (Text):
    actions: cancel vl>10 log:bdirection:0:5:if cancel

    # Cancel: This means that if that event happens, it will cancel the block break. The player won't be able to break the block. Currently. it will cancel the event at a VL>0. If it was vl>2, it would only cancel at a violation level of 2.

    # VL: This stands for Violation Level. This is how severe the event was. The lower the number is, the lower the severity. The higher the number is, the higher the severity. If a player gets a VL of 850, that means that the player has severely tried to break a block out of direction.

    # vl<10: This means that if the violation level is over 10, it will do the actions stated next.

    # Log: This stands for the prefix on how it will log the event. It does nothing itself, only the part after it matters.

    #  log:bdirection:0:5:cif : This is equivalent to log:string:delay:repeat:target. (Explained below)

              # String: This will notify the admins with the custom message stated at the end of the config. This uses the bdirection string.
              # Delay: This is how many times that a player goes over 10 VL that is will display the message.
              # Repeat: This is changed to limit notify spam. In seconds, this is the cool down until it can show the message again.
              # Target: C stands for console, i stands for in game notification, and f stands for logging to file (Disabled by default in this config)

    # Cmd: This will execute a command stated below. If it said cmd:kickfly, it will run the string under kickfly. Ex. kikckfly: kick [player] You were flying too long! You can also use the delay and repeat here too to limit command spam! cmd:kickfly:0:5 (This execute the command every 5 seconds if the player keeps executing the cmd!) You can find strings at the bottom of the config.

    # Official Wiki:
    To see versions before 2.0, see this link:

    To see versions below 3.0, see this link:

    Version 3.0 | Pastebin Link
    + Updated values to latest version
    + Removed notify message on login about changed values
    + New NCP Prefix as well as adjusted color codes
    + Adjusted notify messages and ban/kick messages
    + Enabled feature to block reload, stop, and restart commands. They now must be done in console
    + Stricter FastBreak - Experimental (Thank you for your feedback in the survey)
    + Adjusted block checks
    + Changes to the spam check
    + Adjusted critical check and improved other fight actions
    + Adjusted notify levels
    + Improvements to the CreativeFly check (Spectator)
    + Changed 'cc' to 'ccmd'
    + Optimized config and overall small changes
    + Fixed problem of Auto-Kick and Auto-Ban messages showing when a player wasn't actually kicked/banned
    Version 3.0.1 | Pastebin Link
    + Fixes FastBreak issue @DisTrugator
    Version 3.1 | Pastebin Link
    + Removed kick message and ban message actions, instead run multiple commands in a single action
    + Reduced Block Interact Direction check false positives
    + Slight improvements to the FastPlace check to reduce false positives
    + Adjusted Improbable check
    + Improved FastClick check (More testing needs to be done to improve this better)
    + Adjusted notify messages to notify earlier
    + Removed ncp delay actions (Very very slight reduction in NoCheatPlus lag)
    + Added in a broadcast message when a player gets banned
    + Adjusted ban and kick messages to be more consistent
    + Added TPS and Ping to autoban and autokick messages (Ranges, not exact)
    + Huge cleanup of actions in the config
    + Added PNCP Config (Beta)
    + Added KnockbackPlusPlus config (Beta)
    + Overall improvements to all configs
    Version 3.2 | Pastebin Link
    + Changed some color codes
    + Improved Kicking and Banning to be much quicker
    + Adjusted notifications to notify quicker
    + Adjusted Critical Check to reduce false positives
    + Adjusted Fight Speed check to reduce false positives (Now blocks at 13 CPS+)
    + FastClick is now slightly stricter while limiting false positives
    + Reduced CreativeFly false positives
    + Overall Improvements and Adjustments
    Version 3.3
    + Adjust Kick and Ban VL's to perfection
    + Adjust notify VL's to perfection
    + Improve notify only config notify VL's
    + Notifications based on VL rather than time
    + MorePackets will check server tps before notifying
    + Update ConditionalCommands values
    + PacketFrequency Notify VL
    + Add ghost mode notify only config
    + Modify VL First Notify
    + Change messages

    Next update expected release: ~~

    Thank you @DoubleGapples for allowing me to test the config on your server! :)

    Huge shoutout
    to @IndieGuts for setting up a server for me to test on!

    A few reminders:
    - Make sure to be on the latest build of NCP no matter your server version.
    - A reload or login may cause players to fail MorePackets/Fly if they moved too much.
    - Use a kicking plugin that supports color codes. If not, the player will be shown the color codes (Ex. &8[&cNCP&8]...) on kick.
    - Not all checks will stop blocking/notifying on instant. This limits the false positives. Once it is sure they are hacking, it will start blocking/notifying it.
    - This cannot solve all of NoCheatPlus's issues because I can only go as far as the code allows for. I only improve on what is already there.

    Server Requirements:
    - Latest build of NoCheatPlus
    - Latest version of ConditionalCommands

    Helpful Links:
    Help improve the config with your feedback in this survey - Survey Link
    Signup for email notifications when a new version is out - Signup Form

    Q: I've tested the config and x hacks work

    A: First, check the Hacks Blocked section and see if that hack is labeled there. If it is labeled but you are able to bypass it, let me know. If you do see your hack listed under not blocked, Please know I am not in control in what is blocked and not blocked. If you feel this hack should be blocked, please open a ticket on GitHub. If your hack is not listed anywhere on the hacks blocked area, feel free to let me know and I can help.

    Q: I'm seeing error messages when I installed the config

    A: The config is made to be ran on the latest dev build of NoCheatPlus. Please first check and make sure that you are running the latest build here: If you are running the latest build, next make sure you have not modified the config or removed anything that could cause this. If you are still seeing errors, please let me know as it could be an error with an update.

    Q: What is the difference between the different config types?

    A: All configs will punish hackers differently. The Auto-Ban config will ban hackers who attempt to cheat. It will also kick hackers if they have triggered suspicious violation levels. The Auto-Kick config will kick hackers who attempt to cheat. It will not ban players. The Notify Only config will not punish hackers. It will notify staff when a player attempts to cheat. All configs will notify staff and attempt to cancel their attempt to cheat.

    Q: What are the recommenced plugins?

    A: These plugins are third party plugins that will work with NoCheatPlus to make it more effective. ProtocolLib is used to add packet based checks to NoCheatPlus. This will allow nocheatplus to catch more hackers and eliminate some false positives. PNCP is an add-on plugin that blocks cheats that are not blocked or fully blocked by NoCheatPlus. It will block things such as BunnyHop, LongJump, KillAura, Scaffold, etc. This plugin is still in beta, so please report bugs to the PNCP developer. Knockback++ is used to catch AntiKnockback cheaters.

    Q: What is ConditionalCommands and why do I need it?

    A: Conditional Commands is eliminate false kicks and bans by checking server performance and players connection speed to the server. If the player or the server is lagging, it will not punish them to reduce false kicks and bans. It works in a ladder. First, it will kick/ban players quickly if they are not lagging and the server is not lagging. Next, the config will kick/ban the player at a higher violation level but will still kick them if there is a small amount of lag from the player or server. The third time, no matter the server performance or player's ping, it will kick/ban them at a very high violation level to stop players from Ping Spoofing. Sometimes a player may be kicked or banned falsely but it may be caused by a false positive with NoCheatPlus.

    If you have anymore questions or comments, feel free to let me know.

    Thank you!
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  2. Version Update

    Version 1.1
    + Blink Patch
    Version 1.11
    + Fixed Typo/Console Error
    Version 1.2
    + Jesus Patch (Beta)
    + TempBan Color-Coding
    + Passable Warn Command Spam
    + Near-Instant TP-Aura Ban :D
    Version 1.3
    + Patched Step
    + Ban-Fly VL Increased, should limit any false bans.
    + Better Jesus
    + Disabled File Log (Can be enabled)
    + FastClick Limited to 2 Items per click
    + Aimbot/Killaura Blocks are much more effective. Especially on MultiAura.
    + Direction Notifactions for AimBot (Enable Strict Mode for better blocking, more false postives)
    + Kicks/Notifications Color-Coding Fixed

    Hmmm, Let's try TP-Aura!

    Edit: Version history has been moved to the thread. Please look there to see versions after this.
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  3. Thank You for the config though I suggest switching to @MarkElf2204's NCP Config if you are willing to invest a small $5 to his config. :p
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  4. This is a community config. I want to build this up as a community.
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  5. I'm actually quite impressed and will be keeping my eye on this. Well done.

    Edit: Just some of my personal notes and opinions:
    • Fastplace seems a bit, strict. There's personally more of a delay between placing blocks than most players would like I assume - however this allows fastplace to be blocked efficiently at the same time.
    • Consider removing the ban command on survivalfly - I Incorporated a kick command at ~5000VL in the past and I constantly get asked how server owners can remove it as it constantly false kicks players with poor ping and other issues. Survivalfly covers much more than flying, it covers step, spider, etc. I would readding 'cancel' to the front of SurvivalFly.
    • Consider utilizing flyingfrequency.
    • Something else to consider - how often to people actually check their ncp log file? Does it really need to log each action in a file?
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  6. Perfect! This is exactly what I need!

    Here's a few things on what you said:
    • I changed FastPlace to be more stricter because normal fastplace wasn't blocking it as much. This seemed much more effective. I will be definitely will be reviewing that.
    • Thanks for info. I added the Ban because I thought that only hackers would be able to reach a VL of 2,000. I still want to keep this but raise it as you said. I will be lowering the VL to cancel but do not want it to cancel any low VL because I noticed that much of the glitching is caused by a low VL level and will drag them back. I noticed this on fences, and jumping in between two blocks constantly.
    • I never considered I needed to use Flying Frequency but will adjust this.
    • Your extremely right on that one. I will add this to the next update.
    Thanks @MarkElf2204 !

    • I don't think I will adjust FastPlace because I highly doubt that a player can place 8 blocks in one second, or 14 blocks in two seconds.
    • I adjusted the ban level to 4700 VL rather then 2500. I also lowered the cancel VL by 10, it's now at 35. This patched step and should not cause anymore false positives.
    • NoCheatPlus Wiki has no documentation on Fly Frequency. I won't touch that until I know what I'm changing.
    • Logging has been disabled.
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  7. Hey does anyone know what the best cheats are for minecraft servers 1.8.9. Also what are some cheats that are not blocked by nocheatplus and i should be preventing with other plugins, ive sorted xray already
  8. You can see all of what NoCheatPlus blocks here. I will be making a full list of what this config adds shortly.
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  9. Hello everyone! I'm looking for anyone who has a fix for timer! This falls under the MorePackets check. If you have a fix, make sure it does not interfere with blink. Thanks :)
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  10. SpacePuppeh


    Why not try to suggest modifications to the official configuration so more users benefit from your changes?
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  11. I was planning for this in the future. I just don't want to offer a buggy config. I want to see a point when the config is mature. This needs a lot more user testing, especially in normal game play testing to make sure there are no false positives.
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  12. SpacePuppeh


    That's a good idea. Frankly some of the changes people often make introduce a few more false positives and limit play for laggy players, but can seriously hinder things like packet hacking. I'm not sure asofold would want changes that introduce occasional false positives.
  13. I highly suggest discussing such changes with @asofold and @MyPictures. NCP should work well (and does for me, at least) in its default config for a vanilla/semivanilla server.

    Not to mention that the config will only be as good as the code allows for.
  14. Celebrimbor


    The idea of configuring your anti-cheat is to make it as best as possible based on the parameters specifically defined by each individual server.

    I guess if the goal of this thread is a replacement for the default config on strictly vanilla servers, then this is a good idea. I'm pretty sure that's what @MarkElf2204 config is really. An upgraded version of the default for mainly vanilla server setups. If this is the goal, then more power to you.

    If it is a run at making it a bland config for all server types, then it is just making it weaker to accommodate all the colors of the rainbow.

    Great idea, just so long as you disclaim the feasibility for its recommended use and limitations. That's my input. Not trying to rub anyone the wrong way, just trying to critique constructively.
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  15. I am all for contribution to the configuration of NoCheatPlus :). Imagine an open-source project where "contribution" consists of obfuscated and paid spin-offs only, be it configuration or 'fixes', and nobody is sharing their findings...

    You could try for a configuration to fit all and you could try for a configuration for a specific purpose. Don't forget about the possibility to just treat checks/context individually, thus rather creating cheat sheets.

    And do mind that we'll change a range of things within weeks and months to come... don't despair :).
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  16. I want to finish the config, then bring it to them and then they can suggest changes. There still are quite a few things that can be fixed with a config changes. I'll put it in the post soon of what the current config does vs the old one.

    This config is aimed for all servers. The point is if a server wants something changed, they can change it there self. This is just a base config. I am open to any suggestions for new config types. Like a Auto-Ban config, or No-Spam notify, etc. Thanks for your input :)

    Great to see the creator here :D. I will be taking suggestions for different config types and post them so different server owners can pick the one they want. But I don't want to see a point where I am just making custom config's for everyone without community involvement.

    Thanks for the feedback! :)
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  17. Relinquished


    I'm impressed. Awesome idea and good luck :)
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  18. Then you should bring these up to asofold/discuss them here - I'm sure he'd love to be involved in the "development" of such "fixes."
  19. At some point it'll make sense certainly, especially with removing cancel or kicking - it'll probably be good to document why something was changed (roughly), so one can try to judge things.

    Naturally i can't test the default config towards all possible edges, so there will be some more or less educated guessing and extrapolation inside. Thus i'll be happy to get some feedback.

    Concerning comments in the configuration... i've been wanting to add such for a while, but it's a little bit itchy and it's currently not the highest priority. Might split the config into multiple files before even trying such.
  20. I plan to do a lot of comparison with this config versus the current one. I can put some time aside to comment the main config, but that's a lower priority. I'll also be doing a lot of documentation of my changes.
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