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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Captain_Obvious, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Great idea and good luck
  2. We've been running our own homemade custom config for a while, but i am starting to think it might be a little dated. I see this config and it looks really well made!

    I had a few questions though. i see that this config accounts for ping and tps, but does it also include trivial things like enchant level or effects?

    for example, we have unsafe enchants on our server, meaning some enchants go up to level 10, like efficiency. Would this config produce false positives if players had something like efficiency 10 and haste 2 effect, or just general elements like this which could throw false positives? It doesnt necessarily need to be efficiency and haste, but just on this general plane
  3. Enchants cannot be accounted for in the config. Enchants should be handled in the actual plugin. From my testing, enchants should not be a problem even at levels around 100. If it though, contact me and I can adjust some values to prevent false positives.
  4. That sounds reasonable.

    I forgot to ask, we use a number of TokenEnchant enchantments. I know vk has his own hook into NCP, but if you have any experience with the two plugins, do you have any advice?

    alongside that, we use custombosses plugin, which is a boss plugin (self explanatory i think). It sets of a TON of false positives. However, we have set it up where this boss area is in it's own world, and using the NCP multiworld config, i have made it's own config which will only notify staff. The config i have set for this world is just a copy of the global config, but i've gotten rid of all the ban and kick commands. Is this going to interrupt anything that happens on the global config (making notify messages use 1 format over another, or affect the different checks)?
  5. I would love to help you out with this, but I don’t think replying in the thread is the most reasonable. Contact me on discord: Captain_Obvious#7397

    As the TokenEnchants or any other external plugin, NCP has an API where plugins can exempt their events prevents false positives. I can help sort out the false positives with the boss in discord.
  6. I saw u had a creeperhead and a message about cheating do u have a config for that?
  7. Could you explain more? You can find my configs by clicking the "Latest Config" button in the thread.
  9. U know
  10. Download the config and you will find a txt file with the images
  11. How do i stop it checking minecarts, i have a minecraft being teleported by command block, it teleports when im not in it but the second i'm in the minecart it won't teleport and jumps back
  12. There’s no way to disable checking in the config. Could you narrow it down to a specific check? You can try disabling vechicles MorePackets and see if that has any effect. The only downside is that you could have players using cheats such as BoatFly.
  13. Nice configuration! i have a question:

    Why you decided to not do anything for the FastClick check?

    Thank you
  14. I'm not sure what you mean as I have changed the fastclick check. It will still notify and cancel.
  15. i have 3 different commands that users will frequent, and i dont want to kick them for it,
    how do i add them to commands.exclusions.* in the config?
    right now
    exclusions: []

    if i want to add /something, /another hello, /blah 1 2 3
    how do i add those 3 things with their params?
  16. Could you explain a little more? Are you talking about the Anti-Spam? If so there’s a string of commands that you can add that will exclude them from being checked for all users.
  17. We have a unique item in our inventory that players sometimes (for whatever reason) spam. they just flood for a second with left and right click.
    This causes nocheatplus to kick them and temp ban them for 'dont flood chat with commands'

    The command triggered is that unique item, like: "/our menu"

    We have another one that players can basically use unlimited, like "/some command"

    So i just need to add those 2 to the exclude list, that section seems to be it.. it says commands, .. and it says exclude ..
    I am just not certain of the syntax.

    But basically I just want players to always be allowed to type a couple of commands an infinite amount of times.. it's not desired, but i understand because its in their menu they can just ram their right mouse key 4x and get a temp ban , .. which isn't needed.
  18. Alright, that can easily be done from the config.

    Go to this area in the config:
    Code (Text):
          active: true
          exclusions: []
         - /me
          - /msg
          - /emsg
    You’ll want to add commands to the exclusions area following the same format as handleaschat. That should be what you’re looking for.
  19. Ok, that seems easy enough, immah go have fun with that, thanks.
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  20. Thank! Realy you top player! I love you! i long time cant setup nocheatplus!!!!!
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