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  1. Don't use PNCP's aimbot/Aura-Checks, or only for notification, for AAC, that's bullshit, I can't confirm that. SEARCH by Jumper251 is worth a look, bc it is a very good NCP addition in general, and if you want a 9.5/10 combat anticheat, Reflex got your back.^^
    Good AAC bypassing clients get detected in max. 30 seconds.
  2. Please make sure you are running the very latest build of NCP
  3. Too Late, I already am. Before I posted that I checked the FAQ of this thread and went ahead and got the latest ver. It still has this problem.
  4. Horizontal fly is bypassable, maybe ncp can't detect it, or maybe you can do something with the configuration to block it?

  5. I'd like to throw in:
    * Moved wrongly / too quickly are vanilla/server messages. There can be issues with set-back teleportation and server side checks somehow interfering in theory. In practice you can also configure moved too quickly and moved wrongly thresholds within spigot.yml, unless i am mistaken. Configuring those might help, in case moving is checked by NCP anyway.
    * "actions: vl>45" very likely allows horizontal flying somehow (at least some distance), because NCP has a VL reduction built in for 'legit' moves, which likely is what is used for cheating here. Any config that doesn't "always cancel" will have this issue, potentially. In future i might be able to mitigate that at least for in-air, but up to now, survivalfly violations are recommended to always be cancelled. Distantly in the future we could also distinguish horizontal and vertical, but it's not certain it'll help with issues leading to "actions: vl>45 ..." to relax on horizontal moving, because horizontal and vertical moving are much interlinked, e.g. depending on detecting ground correctly.

    To be sure to not let them fly (unless there is a real bug), you'd have to make it "actions: cancel vl>45 ..." instead. I'll need a couple of days to finish a batch of changes, before i can get back to survivalfly myself (a pull request that uses the "once per in-air" WorkaroundCounter in case a violation is not cancelled, so we could skip reducing vl after that counter has been used, might get pulled for a development build. I assume i'll attempt to fix around saturday.
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  6. @Captain_Obvious Not always cancelling for survivalfly violations likely is the cause. In order to allow leniency, build 1143 contains changes, that might help here.
    • Expose the freeze time (time after a violation for which the VL is not reduced). This only prevents fast stuff, thoguh - it might be changed to the 'number of moves since' later on.
    • In air freeze: This option prevents reduction of VL entirely, while in-air. This might help with glide/fly cheats based on "actions: vl>...".
    • (Horizontal buffer can't be regained, while the VL relaxation is frozen.)
    The changes also make things more strict for the default config and other cases, though.

    Dungeon master? Dick move?

    Configuration isn't magic in all places, how about contributing with smaller scale changes/suggestions?
  7. nobody normal wants to "add" you if your gonna act like this
    "lmao hes deleting my posts cause he knows that my config edit is better"

    Though I would appreciate if the author of this config spent his time solving my problem instead of deleting your posts
  8. Relax, he's already super active. Can't he get a break? Maybe deleting his posts is all he can do atm, ever thought of that? He could be really tired, or such. He's super active on this project. Asking a "error" to the author of a config. The error is related to NCP, post that in the bugs section.
  9. Theres nowhere to report such a thing to NCP

    Their page has multiple places I could report a bug but those pages are unavailable / were taken down. Even the two bukkit accounts they refer you to talk to are taken down. The IRC chat is unavailable, so on.

    Unless that's a fake page please do tell the correct NCP page. If that is the real page, please refer me to a link that actually works.
  10. It's been here for the longest time, at least 2 years. No need to throw a fit.
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  11. @RainOfPain125 @Captain_Obvious Actually all the links to bukkit pages are broken, since they changed things (server-mods -> projects, similar for users). Could've told me :) - the page is a copy from long ago, i'll have to redo it... apologies.

    Concerning the issue, i've always stated that not always cancelling might allow this type of horizontal flying. It's even documented:[Moving]-Survivalfly (Below, the first note).

    The latest build contains an attempt to make "actions: vl>45" possible, preventing auto-reduction of VL for such a case.
  12. Sorry guys, been meaning to jump in on this.
    I'll be adding this to the FAQ, but try it with the config and with the default config and see if there is a change. If it only happens with my config we can agree that it is an issue with my config. If not, then its an issue with NoCheatPlus itself.
    From my testing, horizontal fly should be blocked. It will allow it for about 5 seconds until the VL raises to a point where it blocks it. This testing was done awhile ago so things may have changed. If this is a true issue for you, lower the cancel vl as asofold says below.
    I'm glad that there were adjustments made. The cancel vl was raised since I always had issues with small vl's that would cause lagbacks and such. I'll be taking a look at that check again and see if any changes are needed to be done to that.
    You can always report an issue to the project itself. They may be able to point out an issue with the config or an issue with NoCheatPlus itself.

    The best way to contact me would be through PM. That way I'll for sure see your message and try my best to respond.

    As for the config itself. I'll try getting an update out this weekend. Here's my current ToDo list with the next config:
    • Update config to match the latest version of NoCheatPlus
    • Notifications based on VL rather than delay in notifications.
    • MorePackets & other checks influenced by lag will check server tps before notifying
    • Adjust ConditionalCommand values
    • Add a ghost mode configs (This will not cancel their attempt which will allow the VL to stack up easier and identify cheaters more easily)
    • Change VL's of first notify
    • Change messages
    • Remove banning from some checks in the Auto-Ban config
    • Adjust fight checks
    • Adjust SurvivalFly
    • ...
    If there are any more changes you would like to see please let me know.
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  13. It's a somewhat peculiar point, because typically not always cancelling allows some kind of cheating, but at the same time bug reports get less, so i can't fix the issue. There will be some adjustments made more or less soon:
    • Bunny hopping logic isn't 100% for sure.
    • Might separate survivalfly actions for horizontal and vertical - maybe optional, maybe not.
    • Could introduce sub-check types (not with individual permissions/actions, at most something like 'override to (not cancel or other actions) if so and so vl characteristics apply'. These sub checks would make it possible to activate / deactivate / adjust sub checks of survivalfly more easily, which now are just 'tagged' for display.
    • (More distantly, options: Record violations, create patterns and compare, possibly auto-workarounds or output fit for use with issues ~ import pattern, check if it can be reproduced and automatically notify - so i don't have to scan the logs. This would inflate the already present past move logging, could possibly allow to trigger check violations by using this, though i wouldn't expect more than getting better information about false positives on live servers.)
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  14. NoCheat noob here, we have no fly on the server, but when players run around on their horses they get kicked for flying, and when they're in a boot they're getting moved wrongly. I see no abuse ever on the server from horses and boats. Is there a way to simply disable the checks for these 2 in nocheat somehow?
  15. You can try playing around with the vechicle check, such as disabling vechicle.morepackets.
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  16. I'd like to add:
    • "Players run around on their horses" <- means they are jumping onto their horses like on a boat, rather than riding?
    • 'moved wrongly' is a message by the vanilla server - it can be induced by teleportation, such as happens with NCP setting back a player with their horse, but it also happens just so (most of the time).
  17. Sorry, maybe my English isn't that swell.
    They're on their horses, as in , .. mounted them, riding them. And going around the map. I was hoping this was implied.
    I obviously didn't mean they are stand on top of their horse going around in circles.
  18. Sure - just asking to 100% clarify, so i don't misunderstand.

    So concerning riding with horses, i know for sure that without NCP since MC 1.11 you'll get a lot of moved wrongly and the like, e.g. with pyramids made of stairs. NCP can still be involved, as both the server side 'moved wrongly' and NCP checks can lead to each other triggering, at least in theory. Best would be if it was reproducible, so one can check with and without NCP.

    An indicator would be the display of 'ncp info (playername)' displaying any vehicle related violations, best with comparison before and after the problem occuring (if possible).
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  19. Hello, I've downloaded your config, but with me the hackers are kicked for an error message and not banned. Error message is in the picture.

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  20. Pretty sure that’s a problem with your plugins.

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