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    I thought asofold didn't add those checks due to your later point that they are somewhat easily bypassed? This is the same reason he said that he doesn't add anti-knockback (yet).
  2. I'm not aware of asofold ever rejecting implementing an InventoryMove check. By "traps", I would assume it would be things that are changed with the client and seeing how the client responds to those actions. For example, KillAura Bots (A bot is sent to the client and the client should not hit this bot) or an AutoArmor check (where armor is removed or armor is placed in the inventory to see if the player apply's the armor.) His idea is that things should be done server-sided without interacting with client, by checking if an action is possible and flagging if it is not. InventoryMove is a quite simple check and could be bypassed. Just because something can be "easily bypassed" does not mean it can't be implemented. It's simply enforcing vanilla minecraft on the player.

    I'm not 100% about this, but I think a knockback check was implemented early on, but was later removed because latency was too much of a factor when trying to enforce knockback. I think this was removed shortly before I began work on a config. Looks like the check I was referring to was a "check used to verify if players aren't "knockbacking" other players when it's not technically possible." Adding an AntiKnockback check could be tricky, because latency plays a large part in this. I'll do some more further research and see if this could be somehow implemented. Here's an issue where AnitKnockback check was discussed:

    Discussion of the KillAura Bot can be found here:

    Quote from asofold: "Entites means posing traps for cheat implementations to fall for, while the principles of direction for NCP rather mean to find envelopes to fit around vanilla behavior. Reason being that we're free + open source + low resource developer-wise, so we/i prefer methods that provide some kind of lasting protection rather. There are gray zones and Minecraft keeps adding weird stuff, but that's the basic direction i took here."

    I have to say that most of NCP checks have provided long lasting protection (They protect against what they are advertised as such.) It's mostly that more needs to be done to further this protection against clients that have evolved. You can see this by comparing a client in early minecraft against clients now.
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  3. Here is an updated version of the fork. Changes are listed below.

    Download Link:
    Report any issues/features requests here:

    False Positives:
    • Feeding a parrot a cookie no longer flags for fight.noswing
    • Placing blocks against ladders and carpets will no longer flag for blockplace.direction
    • Allow use of the riptide enchant [Not Done]
    Config Changes:
    • Added KeepAlive delay, will delay checking the player for KeepAlive for x amount of seconds after login
    • Added more thresholds to fight.angle (Fine tune these via ncp debug)
    • 1.13 Blocks are automatically added for new configs. Does not add if you are already using a config. [Not Done]
    New Checks:
    • InventoryMove - Prevents players from interacting with their inventory if it isn't possible
    • FastClick.ChestLimit - Prevent players from interacting with a chest shortly after opening it (Changed via config, in ms)
    • FastClick.Exclude - Exclude inventories with names defined in the config (First attempt to prevent false positives, do not put color codes in the list)
    • SurvivalFly - Enforce a slower speed on soul sand [Not Done]
    • Gutenburg - Allow changes to max amount of pages via config
    [Not Done] - This has not been finalized and still needs more changes. Still should work as expected.

    Known Issues:
    • Jumping on/off shulker boxes cause some survivalfly issues [1.13 Issue]
    • Sprinting + Jumping on some blocks with different block margins flag survivalfly [1.13 Issue]
    • Jumping/Moving right after leaving a bed flags for survivalfly [NCP Issue]
    Once 1.13 block flags are finalized, this project will be moved to resources.
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  4. Releases will no longer be posted here, they will be posted on the GitHub page: If you would like to be notified about new releases, I recommend you watch the page for release notifications.

    Past few updates have added some new checks/features, including the first attempt at preventing KillAura, Scaffold, and Jesus. Latest update also fixes some errors with the added FastClick_Chest check.
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  5. Thank you, that's a really good config!
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  6. i need help im trying to install the AutoBan config but when i reload it will autmoaticaly go back to the old config? does there need to be 2 configs?
  7. Anything show in console? Make sure that you are following the instructions in the readme file found in the zip. You should only have one config installed.
  8. Reloading configuration... 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] WARN [NoCheatPlus] The Minecraft version seems to be more recent than the one Compat-CB-Reflect has been built with - this might work, but there could be incompatibilities. 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] INFO [NoCheatPlus] McAccess set to: 1.4.5-1.12.2|? / CB-Reflect 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] INFO [NoCheatPlus] NCP: Configuration reloaded. 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] INFO [NoCheatPlus] Added block-info for Minecraft 1.5 blocks. 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] INFO [NoCheatPlus] Added block-info for Minecraft 1.6.1 blocks. 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] INFO [NoCheatPlus] Added block-info for Minecraft 1.7.2 blocks. 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] INFO [NoCheatPlus] Added block-info for Minecraft 1.8 blocks. 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] INFO [NoCheatPlus] Added block-info for Minecraft 1.9 blocks. 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] INFO [NoCheatPlus] Added block-info for Minecraft 1.10 blocks. 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] INFO [NoCheatPlus] Added block-info for Minecraft 1.11 blocks. 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] INFO [NoCheatPlus] Added block-info for Minecraft 1.12 blocks. 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] WARN [NoCheatPlus] Bad block id (compatibility.blocks.overrideflags): 60 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] WARN [NoCheatPlus] Bad block id (compatibility.blocks.overrideflags): 208 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] INFO [NoCheatPlus] Removed hook: AllViolations(NCP) [1.0]. 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] INFO [NoCheatPlus] Added hook: AllViolations(NCP) [1.0]. 14.04 17:54:50 [Server] INFO [NoCheatPlus] Inventory checks: FastConsume is available, disabled InstantEat.
  9. @Power1482 I don’t see anything in console. I assume it’s something on your end, because I’m pretty sure ncp will not reset your config. If there was an issue, it would show in console.

    Trying copy and pasting it in rather than replacing the file.
  10. Hey everything is working did all of it again and after 10 tries it worked probs did something wrong ll
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  11. I dont understand hope someone can help. So the auto ban is banning players for speed when they are on seeds etc. is there a way to make it so that they dont lag on those things that will get them banned. (seeds netherwarts chests etc)
  12. Which version of spigot are you running?
  13. 1.13.2 Spigot im not sure the spigot version though and also does anyone have a Auto TAB issue with commands in spigot 1.13.2
  14. Hay man, it‘s possible to make a BungeeCord support, so staffs become notified also on other servers?
    Sorry for my english...
  15. Not 100% sure on how to replicate this hence the reason I'm posting here and not making a github issue but tamed wolves attacking mobs while the player is standing still seems to be triggering noswing alerts pretty often.

    NCP v1.3-beta.4
    McMMO (Latest).. maybe taming has something to do with it? not 100% sure
  16. Thanks for the report. I'll check this out when I can.
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  17. so after this I realized that the cheat bypass thing is no longer working

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