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  1. is it updated to 1.16?
  2. Does this work with updated NCP (1.16.5), because when I tried it, it worked up until (I think) it was meant to kick/ban someone. It just spammed my console with "unknown command." Can someone help me with this, because I love this config except for that!
  3. It's cause they changed how ConditionalCommands worked, its now /cc the config is outdated anyways and doesn't include any new NCP checks, if you don't mind try out mine and give me some feedback :) I basically ported it to the new NCP thing Config

    Edit: I forgot to add the checks, here is the updated one
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  4. how to disable this push back 3:15?
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  5. Over the last few months I've tried various NCP combos for jars and configurations, and in 1.17.1 it's almost not worth running it, there's so many false positives, it's really hard to be convincing.

    Does anybody have any recommendations on what to use for 1.17.1, otherwise I am just going to give up on trying to fight cheating and depends on vanish and spending x time per player
  6. anti-cheat was good under the control of shevchik. it doesn't work well now. he blocks cheats. but there are also false positives
  7. Paid Vulcan

    Free FlappyAC or maybe Themis, haven't really tested it much though
  8. I am looking for nocheatplus builds and configs, not other ac alternatives, thank you though, will still check them out
  9. NoCheatPlus isnt the best but if you do want NCP I would say - it does cost though
  10. I never said it was the best or that I am looking for the best, I said I am looking for ncp+config for 1.17.1 that doesn't suck ass
  11. There isn't much competition in the NCP config department and most major changes are going to stem from forks/PRs than the configuration these days. My own resource has mostly seen no major configuration change in favor of commits to improve existing checks. I'm more than happy to relay any feedback to the development team on what specifically you're disappointed with and what needs improvement as far as checks go.

    @ToonBasic was working on some NPC fork / addon plugin that might be worth reaching out about but I assume it's going to come with a heafty price tag. This was about a year+ ago that we're were discussing this so I'm not sure if that project is dead or its status.