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  1. Also, one more question, my color error, is it fixed in the 2.0 version.
  2. Yes the check was removed
  3. Great job on this! Glad to see my plugin make its rounds! :p Let me know if anything in it needs updating or fixing!
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  4. Thanks for the update! Shall give it a try now. :D
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  5. hi, could you please explain your criticals config values? cancel: 250 and dividedamage: 0.8
    interessing but unusual :confused:

    Code (Text):
          active: true
            cancel: 250
            dividedamage: 0.8
          falldistance: 0.17
  6. The critical checks for fake critical hits while fighting. First off, the check is enabled by looking at active true. Next, cancel: 250 means that it will cancel the hit the player attempted and block them from hitting again for another 1/4 of a second (250 MS.) I actually don't know what divided damage does. I was testing that out and forgot to add back the 0 in front of it (Default config has it set at 0.08), but, I don't think it has any effect on it. Falldistance is the main check. It if a player jumps lower than that value and hits an entity, it will mark it as a critical hit and add 1 VL to them. It does sometimes mark it falsely, but it shouldn't effect PvP. Packet critical hits are nearly impossible right now.

    If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

    Thanks :)
  7. Nice! Perfect! Thanks for sharing :)
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  8. Version 2.0.1 has been released and can be downloaded here.

    Pastebin link to the normal config can be found here.

    This update includes:
    + Minor tweaks done to improve the effectiveness of the MorePackets check
    + General improvements done to equal out the difference between the Ban Wave config and normal

    Please let me know if you have any issues with the config
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  9. Hi @Captain_Obvious , I just want to ask ... what are the chances that NCP is doing a wrong ban of a player? So recently I update to 2.0. And I totally trust your config. So what happened was ...

    Code (Text):
    [11:11:48] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 11767/INFO]: Araebard has been permanently banned by Console for &8[&cNCP&8] &cCheat Client Detcted! Server Access Rovoked!
    And he contacted us and said...


    1. What are the chances that NCP is doing a wrong ban of a player?
    2. Any way for us to investigate?
  10. There is definitely a possiblity they could of been banned falsey. Most anticheats use ping and TPS of the server to decide if a player is hacking or just lagging, which nocheatplus lacks. I tried finding spots that only banned players if it is postive they're hacking. NoCheatPlus uses VL to take action on a player, and a extremely high VL is what I rely on to ban a player. I am planning on removing it just because you have situations like this. I really apologise if that player was falsey banned. I will be rolling out an update to fix this issue within 24 hours.

    To get a temporary fix on this issue, go to cheatban on the bottom of the config. It should look like "cheatban: ban...." and change it to "kick [player]"

    I will be contacting you further for more investigation on the issue.

    If you have any other issue, please let me know. Thanks.
  11. Going to see when the new version without autoban comes out :D
  12. Ah thanks for your quick reply!

    It's going to be hard for you I'm sure, to find that balance. So if NCP is lacking in this aspect, why is NCP still one of the most used anti-cheat? AntiArua plugin? Spartan plugin? What's your view on those?
  13. Usually sever owners dont want to spend more money to get a more advanced anticheat. NoCheatPlus started off as one of the only anticheats (Other than AntiCheat.) Than you have phases of other free anticheats that don't continue with devlopment. NoCheatPlus has consistently stayed active and is always updating. I have never had the chance to test the paid anticheats (AAC, AntiAura, Spartan, etc) just because I don't need to pay for an AntiCheat if im not going to use it. NoCheatPlus is great if you're running a normal vinalla server, but it significantly lacks in the combat area. If your server revolves around PvP, I highly suggest you buy an AntiCheat. What I want to do, is improve in the spots that NoCheatPlus lacks in, for free. The community has the chance to respond to an idea and I want to help educate others on basic things of NoCheatPlus. This is more of an open conversation. I just bring those ideas to life.
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  14. You can use conditionalcommands by @konsolas to guide the tps or ping related issue for NoCheatPlus.
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  15. Cool suggestion! It's external though, and would require a non-NoCheatPlus plugin to install.
  16. Thanks for that information. Hence if given the choice for you to purchase an anti-cheat, do you have any recommendations?

    Currently my server is survival non-pvp only. But I have plans to make a PVP world for them. Hence my above question. Or will NCP will suffice?
  17. Knew about the plugin, just haven't looked at it. Now that I have, I will be seriously considering adding this with another config.

    Here's my plan right now:
    Have a config that notifys and cancels, no banning. It will replace the ban with a kick instead.
    Use conditional commands with the Auto-Ban config to reduce false bans.
    Keep the ban wave config the same. Might add conditional commands to the config too.

    You can't go wrong with any paid AntiCheat right now. If I could get one, I would get Spartan or AAC. I've tested AAC on its test sever and found it really good at finding Killaura. You can try running both plugins at the same time. AAC or Spartan for combat based hacks, and NoCheatPlus for movement based hacks. If you're intrested, I can help you set this up. NoCheatPlus does block some things in combat, it's just very easy to get around. NoCheatPlus monitors these things: Clicks Per Second, Hitting one enitiy at a time, forces a player to look at the entity before hitting, fake critical hits, Reach, and importable (Nothing in particular that it checks, combines multiple into one.) So players wont be able to use crazy hacks. I've tested a Killaura supposed to bypass NoCheatPlus and after a little bit, it starts detecting under Improbable. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Going to start working on the fix now.
  18. Wow you are willing to just help me with a config? That's so awesome! Yeah then I think I am consider to go use either AAC or Spartan. I can run both anti-cheat together eh? :)
  19. I would be happy to help :). Buy one AntiCheat first, then I'll help you find any weak spots and try to patch those. Usually two anticheats aren't recommended just because it may cause more problems, but you can configure it correctly to work it out.
  20. This anticheat config is nice, but people keep getting banned.