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  1. Hello People of spigot XD
    I am using nocheatplus on my faction and kitpvp servers and it works really well.. nearly! When there is a lot players pvping each other suddenly they cannot hit each other. I have recently upgraded the server to a xeon x5660 and with 16GB of RAM and I a watched the stats of the TPS and it doesn'tgo down at all. I removed NCP and it no more pvp lag at all. I can only presume its my inability to config this correctly. Any help would be appreciated to prevent the lag from happening.

    I saw another thread about this and it went tits up so I thought I'd start another thanks!!!
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    Calling MyPictures as a note.

    In my opinion, there is no one size fit all, but the default does a damn good job at being so. But your only option is to tweak and see results. Head to the fighting subsection and try increasing some thresholds until things improve for you.
  3. @EternityServers Thats not exactly "pvp lagging". The problem here is that NoCheatPlus detects inappropriate fight behaviour on some players and because of that reason it cancels hits to prevent cheating. I believe your problem is probably a false positive.

    In order to solve this or tweak NC+ to match your expectation we will firstly need what check exactly is doing this. So in order to find out which check exactly is doing this you need to find someone which has this problem and then execute /ncp info <Playername> and paste the output here.
    I suspect the Fight_Reach or Combined_Improbable check doing this.

    Ohh yea Please also give us Spigot and NoCheatPlus versions.
  4. okay thanks Ill try to do that ASAP thanks for your help!!!