Solved [NoCheatPlus] Kick Players?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by 8Marc8, May 27, 2016.

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  1. How can I change the config to kick the players after the first notifiaction in NCP?
  2. YWI


    I can do it for you on Skype but I do not recommend it because it sometimes bugs.
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  3. Ok thanks,
    my NCP Config doesnt have got false positives, and 99℅ not after the forst notification.
    My Skype Name: marc8d8
  4. I now found your skype name @YWI
    I will contact you, thanks in advance!
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  5. YWI


    Not a problem, glad to help!
  6. Could you accept my request?
  7. Add me on skype: MarkElf2204 if you haven't already resolved this.
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  8. YWI


    My skype isn't cirrently working although if i were you i'd use markelf he is amazing!
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  9. I contacted you.
  10. I will warn you guys @YWI is a little bit shady- I know him from MCMarket- where he was recently banned for ban evading. Just watch out.
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  11. There is still the possibility to ask on the official resources page or open a GitHub ticket for support, also if you don't find the official wiki explaining/guiding well enough (also possible to mention that then). The IRC channel also might help on occasion, though not all people can be there all the time.
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  12. #bump
    I already searched for answers, but I didnt find the answer to my question :(
  13. So it looks like no one could help yet, here? Please really consider asking on the resource page or opening a GitHub ticket instead next time :) - there is a good number of people watching those sites/resources who actually know NCP quite well.

    For an answer i guess then i'll attempt to hint at it:

    To run your own command extra to already present actions, you basically need two alter to places in the configuration.

    1. You do need to add an entry with the command text to the strings section (strings: ...), there you choose a unique new name, like mykick1: ... Examples for the value :
    • mykick1: kick [player] <- the most simple (vanilla command)
    • mykick1: ncp kick [player] Server overheat! <- NCP has a 'ncp kick' command, not sure it's needed just to specify a reason to show to the player.
    • mykick1: ncp delay kick [player] <- For some cases it's better to delay the kick, because otherwise event processing could create problematic states, also with other plugins involved. This needs more information on what check to kick for, i'd add the delay for asynchronously run checks, like chat.text or net checks, to be on the safe side.

    2. You need to tell NCP to run that commands for a certain violation level. For a simple example, you just add the command to other already existing actions, separated by spaces you just add cmd:mykick1 to the actions after the appropriate vl>... part of the actions for that check.

    That for starters, assuming you have already done some custom alterations to the configurations, this might do, but feel free to ask back, of course.
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  14. I wouldn't do it on first notification, if they so much as lag for a second in the air, they would get kicked for flying.
  15. He's using a very sloppy version from his 'friend' of my configuration hence why adding a kick command wouldn't continue to kick players constantly for the slightest actions and why I refuse to help him.
  16. Thank you very much!
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