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  1. Hello, I have got a problem with no cheat plus, my users can't walk on halfsteps. It is the newest version.
  2. Hi!

    Please consider asking on the resource page directly (, or even open an issue at GitHub (, so you get the attention of highest amount of people with similar issues within the shortest amount of time, probably even including the most qualified people to judge matters concerning NCP.

    Best do include the output of running the 'ncp version' command, which will contain overview information about server, NCP and activcated features and possibly related plugins such as ProtocolLob.

    Not knowing what 'latest' means for NCP/server, i'd advise to use a development build of NCP for Minecraft 1.9, because we haven't had an official release yet. To judge the amount of danger you get into with running development builds, you could use these indicators for stablish builds (rather the safe side):
    * 'b123: (beta/) release' for official releases, marked with star.
    * 'mostly stable' for builds that seem to be quite ok and have been around a while. Also often set before following builds might contain more experimental or more shifty changes.

    With latest Minecraft versions it could happen that there is no release, and there neither is a build marked as 'mostly stable', like with 1.9.4. In this case some build will have a comment like 'b966: MC 1.9.4' on the left side, however it's likely that a couple of follow up builds contain real issues.

    In such a case it's best to ask on our resource/issues page (don't be afraid of opening an issue for an important question), or at least to inspect the Jenkins changes list:

    Builds marked with [BLEEDING] or [INSTABLE] or other peculiar words, should be avoided for production, at least if you don't know what they're about and if you can't recover / revert / update quickly. Before you use a random in-between build, rather use latest or ask. Builds that have been there for days are more likely to be ok.

    Currently build 978/979 seem to be stable-ish and we're heading for at least a beta-release so 'latest' feels better, just evaluating one or two issues before release.
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