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  1. Hi guys!

    I have problem, with NCP because when players write one word than need to wait 1-2 minutes to write again, and the same with commands. Any idea how to turn that off, or change? o_O
  2. Have you made any changes to the NoCheatPlus config? How do you know the problem is NoCheatPlus?
  3. What other plugins do you have installed on your server?
  4. Post your configuration here if you're sure that the issue is related to ncp along. If you haven't made any changes yourself to the configuration, just delete the existing one and run /ncp reload.
  5. WAS


    Code (Text):
          active: false
          level: 10
          message: |-
            &cPlease slow down chat, you might get kicked for spam.
          timeout: 11
    Doesn't appear to be active. Must be another plugin?
  6. Again, how do you know NoCheatPlus is causing it?
  7. Great job using my configuration from a leaking site. Let him figure it out on his own.
  8. That configuration from my friend...
  9. So your friend leaked the config?
  10. :eek: Plot Twist!
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  11. But you didn't buy it so it's leaked.
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