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  1. A have some problem. Another players can't walk.

    In chat saying: NCP: test failed SurvivalFly: tried to move unexpectedly. VL 115.

    And another: NCP: test failed SurvivalFly: tried to move: 3.49, 54.67, 3.98 -> 4.00, 53.50, 4.72 d=1.47 (permchecks+hbufuse+data_reset+vdistrel). VL 450.


    Sorry for bad english.
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  2. Interesting issue - from what i see so far, it looks like many plugins are running into trouble there - so i think the best is to have more version (and plugin) information, e.g.:
    • 'ncp version' (adds server version and some details)
    • ProtocolLib / other packet API plugins (BKCommonLib, ...)
    • ViaVersion / ProtocolSupport
    • Is the server version really the latest Spigot build one for that version of Minecraft?

    (Official issue tracker of NCP: - might be easier to find others knowing of similar issues concerning NCP, but other plugins have trouble too, so the forums are a good place to ask.)
  3. You're running 1.9.3 maximally ? There is a spigot update for 1.9.4, unless i am mistaken, is there a reason not to use that?

    I'm really curious ... if it doesn't matter, i'd really prefer people to rather use latest of 1.9.x (AFAIK 1.9.4), because the Spigot/Bukkit API is most complete there, compared to the earlier builds of 1.9 - however there could be a reason not to prefer 1.9.3, so i'd like to know, if there is one.
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