Spigot NoCheatPlus 3.16.0-RC-sMD5NET-b1134

Detect and fight the exploitation of various flaws/bugs in Minecraft!

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  2. CCT


    Nodus will always win.
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  3. So we do nothing ?
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  4. This. Even if there'll always be crime everywhere, why wouldn't you fight it?
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  5. CCT


    SN4T14 Forgive me for not knowing that using modified clients in a block video game was a crime.
  6. Why are you acting like I directly insulted you? I just said that even if there'll always be a fight to fight, we shouldn't stop fighting it, relax.
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    If you turn up the strictness of the NC+ checks you can drastically limit modded clients. Adding instant checks like, attacking with your inventory open, can eliminate people by instantly banning them. That is why NC+ is such an essential plugin to any server that wishes to minimize modded clients.
  8. Why will it always win? You can block: Fly, xRay (Orebfuscator), FastBreak, FastPlace, OP Forcefields (hitting 2 or more entities at the same time, hitting out of reach, hitting to fast and other...), Nukers and a lot of other stuff also.
    With the new Entity Tracking Ranges (made by @aikar ) you can even kill hacks such as radars, tracers and other.

    MCP disallows using it to code hacked clients that exploit/abuse bugs or weakness on the server. So actually everyone that codes hacked clients breaks this rule: http://mcp.ocean-labs.de/index.php/MCP_Releases

    True. However the biggest problem is the lag and missing movement informations from client to server. So we have to make our checks as less lag affected as possible and somehow teach SurvivalFly to guess the "Lost OnGround" information.
  9. Amazing plugins. Works better than any other plugin. One suggestion, to my knowledge, people can't attack while they are in an inventory of any sort. I put this together in one of my plugins, and I will put the source below. So, pretty much, if someone hurts another entity while they are viewing a chest, workbench, or any inventory, I, (till I can confirm it doesn't ban the wrong people), have it kicking then and alerting me. So far have 2 people caught. >:D

    Other than that, this is an amazing plugin. The biggest thing is taking the time to learn the config and touch it up to make it work better.


    So far has worked perfectly. Would be awesome to see it in NCP! Keep up the great work, NoCheatPlus!
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  10. But Nodus can't bypass NCP!
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  11. Updated NoCheatPlus resource to fit in the new category's.
  12. Whats your recommendations for the config in conjunction with LibsHungergames and LibMCPVPstyle. Is the default config good enough or are some tweaks needed and in that case which ones?
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  13. Default configuration should be fine for those 2. If you experince false positives I would try and tweak that check a little to allow a little more cheating. You can check player alerts with /ncp info <playerName>
  14. In what bit of the config can you do that? Thanks.

    There's a bug where if a player has the "Depth Strider" enchantment on their boots (Allowing them to move faster in water) it thinks they're trying to survivalfly. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work! :D
  15. Please update to the latest development build and feel free to report issues at our dev.bukkit page. We are at the moment working for proper 1.8 support.
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  16. Hello,
    Whenever a player walks over a redsandstone slab it rubber bands them back. I'm using the most recent dev build of NCP. My server is spigot 1.8. There are no hack messages though. Any ideas?

    Thanks, Frozen.
  17. Just wondering if the current build on BukkitDev works with 1.8