Spigot NoFallDamage 1.0


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    NoFallDamage - It's MAGIC!

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  2. yes mam
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  3. So, there is this now... Okay..
  4. well as most servers use essentials, and from configuring it for numerous clients before, I have most DEFINITELY seen that there is an option to toggle fall damage. and I know some servers don't like using essentials but still most servers do. Not hating on the plugin. And I know some people don't like having all the features of essentials
    What would be cool if you could make it so it can be toggled for servers that use multiverse/multiworld? Like per world fall damage.
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  5. I plan on adding more features in the future like per-world configuration :) Also, I am in the process of making a bunch of simple and useful plugins that people might need. Like if you don't use essentials but what to ONLY disable fall damage :)
  6. I said in my post some people don't like having all the essentials features
  7. One way you could make it better is: Have permissions to disable fall damage, would be good for donator perks
  8. i know
  9. Okay :)