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  1. Let us just go straight to the point

    Pros :

    -Cheap hosting starting from 0.6$ from the 768mb plan and they are dropping from 0.8$/gb to 0.7$/gb to counter aquatis for 1 month
    -A custom panel,not the best but it is still there
    -They dont delete your files right away after 7 days without paying
    -They are getting dedicated IPs soon means cheap ips at 1$
    -Powerful i7 5820k CPUs better than the i7 6700k
    - No nodes downtime
    - SSDs
    -You can win nolag balance from singing in voice channels when there is an event


    -The panel got alot of downtime means if you stopped your server and the panel went down you cant access the server which can be annoying
    -Not all the server use the I7 5820ks Only 4 nodes were migirated
    - DDR3 ram
    -panel FTP not working probably so you need to use an FTP Client
    -Downtime doesnt affect all the nodes,sometimes you cant reach your lobby for example and still can reach the other servers which is quite annoying
    -For some it may be annoying that you have to load your balance then pay an invoice
    -No FAQs area or guides yet

    While it isn't the best it is certainly the cheapest all time host.
    This is my personal opnion when I used to have a server there
    Now I think you are better off with a VPS or a dedicated server from kimsufi or hetzner :I.
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  2. I haven't tried them, but upon researching them through public UK registers I found concerning issues around their legitimacy.
    1. Their TOS is either a template or stolen. It states "in violation of any United Kingdom federal, state or city law is prohibited", but we don't have federal, state or city laws, furthermore it makes no mention of any European laws or institutions (such as data protection) which makes it clear this is very legitimate.
    2. They are not registered with the ICO (, which I am certain they are not exempt from.
    3. They don't have the by law required cookie notification.
    4. This is what we are meant to believe is their registered address and active headquarters, a flat above a Post Office.
    5. One of their directors incorporated the company then almost immediately resigned. This draws suspicions as to whether the actual owner is disqualified.
    6. One of their shareholders is a company which was dissolved BEFORE (I have no idea how they got away with this, Companies House should not have accepted their incorporation) the company was incorporated. This is the company: The company is owned by a woman who is 60 (doubt she knows or would invest in a Minecraft server host). There are 70 companies registered at the address of this dissolved company. Also the registered correspondence address for this company as a shareholder is the same as the other 2 directors and does not match its registered address.
    7. The prices are unbelievably low.
    8. They aren't registered for VAT and make no mention of any VAT at checkout. However, as they are new I do believe they are exempt. They would be exempt if they earn less than £85,000 a year which I believe they do.
    They may be perfectly legitimate, but I would not host with them. They could disappear as fast as they appeared. It appears they aren't following basic laws and have supplied UK Companies House with incorrect information, but I may be wrong, judge for yourself.

    The only positive reputable proof they have is Comodo Extended Validation, but I am not sure how far Comodo would dig into their business practices.
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  3. Hi,

    First of all, we thank you for your research and effort you put in your post.
    I assume there were a few misunderstandings when doing these and I would like to answer your concerns.

    The Terms of Service both hosting providers use is normal template including everything important.

    Correct. We use a registered office service.

    Please do note that the company "SEED TEAM LIMITED" is not affiliated with "SEED-TEAM LIMITED", a - indeed - dissolved company:

    In order to obtain such an SSL certificate, you have to go through several security practices such as a D&B D-U-N-S look up, manual phone call and verification and other steps. It is, indeed, not that easy to obtain such a certificate.

    That is correct, we are exempt from having a registered VAT number for now. Once we obtained a VAT number, we will update these accordingly on our website.

    Overall, I really thank you for your concerns and effort. If there are further questions you have, I will be glad to answer them privately.

    Have a nice evening!
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  4. Thanks for addressing my concerns. I now have little doubt that this is a legitimate company, but you should make the improvements to the first 3 points. Most serious server owners will investigate or hire a lawyer to check you out. Having ToS which contain clauses such as:
    looks slightly unprofessional. I still recommend you fix these two to stay on the right side of the law:
    Also, I believe this clause of your contract is invalid as I believe you need to give the customer a 14 day refund period as described under EU law:
    Not entirely sure if your service would be included, but it appears so as many hosting providers have 14 day refund periods:
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  5. The i7 6700k has a single thread rating of 2349. The i7 5820k just 2018. Looks like your "upgrade" is a downgrade, and you believe just everything they tell you.
    Stop advertising NoLag, please.
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  6. We never had i7 6700k, I don't understand from where did the OP find that.
    Our old CPU was an Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4, that has a single thread rating of 1535.
  7. I didnt say they had it I said it is better because those are 128gb nodes so they would definitely be better with more more slightly weaker cores

    And I stated alot of cons to them people still think I advertise them ... You make no sense ...

    Edit: Not to mention that I litterally said that you are better with a VPS or a dedicated from a good provider ...
  8. Having more ram on a node with weaker processors isn't better, it's even worse than same ram. More ram = more servers. More servers = more cpu usage. More cpu usage + bad cpu = bad experience.

    Stating cons is not removing NoLag from the title nor the post. You said you mentioned you're better off with a VPS, then what's the point of this thread?
    ... You make no sense...
  9. Yes but you are getting a CPU with more cores they may be weaker but still there is probabally alot of servers and not like all of them will use only the 4 cores ..
  10. Why would you want weaker but more cores? As a consumer you wouldn't want that but if you were the owner of the business you would. More slower cores = slower performance as minecraft is single core not multi.
  11. The cores maybe in a vm. if it was kvm they could limit the cpu to slower proformance

    EDIT: @LucidDreamer Show us your infrastructure. everything.... ( expt what you don't want to show )
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    I've found it DDOS-able. NOTE: i have not ddos this host. I've found this other ways. thats why your offline all the time. because of bots, and kids ddosing your nodes. now... please tell me @LucidDreamer in a DM.


    I've used nmap to see what services on one of your nodes. I am running linux Mint. and i am DDos Protected by a cell tower.

    Your ssh port is WIDE OPEN

    we can ping your server. its BIG NO

    we got the ip from dig command

    from being the ssh port is open your nodes can be brute forced and/or DDOSED

    from being a security adviser I SUGGEST you shut down your host because YOUR WIDE OPEN for hackers and bots to come on your server and steal data or ddos other people

    ANNNNNND who ever reads this WILL NOT use your services.
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  13. This host is always getting trashed on because I do agree that there servers are shit and can't handle more then 10 players. If anyone knew anything about hosting they would look at your prices and know that your overselling.
  14. I don't think @linuxy is quite explaining what he means.
    He found the IP of the node through a server hosted with NoLag, it's Contabo hosting, with what appears to be no protection on top.
    We've heard from an unnamed source (the one who owns the NoLag server) in a Discord chat that the node went down under a 10Gbps attack for an entire day.

    Their website claims they use ArborNetworks:
    However, another source in the same discord who actually uses ArborNetworks says they've been stable under 80 Gbps with no problem.


    In addition to that, SSH is wide open, which isn't too much of a big deal since they're protected with publickey, gssapi-keyex, and gssapi-with-mic.
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  15. ty @tenten8401 for saying that
  16. [removed the screen shot]

    Thats a big screenshot

    btw like my desktop ( bit offtopic there )
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  17. You cant say anything without proof I can proof I got 6 players with speed 10 and spammed /nuke on it your argument isnt valid without proof the above supplied sold proof
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  18. I definitely agree. His argument isn't balid, it's valid.

    Seriously, stop defending them. I know you still work for them.

    You just keep mentioning NoLag in each and every thread you make, how good they are, that they don't oversell. Seriously, stop. No one cares about a $0.8/GB server with a shitty control panel, questionable security standards, and the world's most unprofessional support. If you keep defending them, I'm just going to assume they paid you to keep doing it, and you don't care what we say.
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  19. I Was asking about what VPS to get and I ended up with getting a dedicated from that server ....

    You basically don't want me to have the right of asking about how will their VPSes hold up against Contabo VPS ...
  20. NoLag uses Contabo!!! I'm just saying in every thread you comment NoLag ends up your posts, somehow.
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