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  1. This is a review/warning to everyone out there to pretty much to try not use Nolag

    Review score: 2/5
    Ease of use: 3/5
    Actual hardware: 4/5
    Lag: 3/5
    Support: 3/5
    Downtime 1/5

    Me and my friend wanted to bring back our server that was successful awhile ago so we did so using NoLag he decided to get the 4/gb plan (0.99c per GB) it was a great host custom panel etc.. we liked it but after a day we got one of our staff to add some features to the panel (He works for NoLag) anyway not long after we're experiencing downtime for about 6 hours and then they are saying it wont be fixed for another day, all users have been effected with this and mot of them are asking for refunds now so this host may just die before a decent amount of people see this thread.

    Please post messages down below on some hosts i should use instead
    And please dont post McProHosting, GGServers, NoLag or Fluctis.
  2. Why not fluctis? I've used them for 6+ months now and haven't had a problem.

    EDIT: Also, no point saying not to mention mcpro or ggservers. No person unless they are a troll will suggest them.
  3. I love fluctis and i too have used them before but due to personal reasons i can't.
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  4. Shockbyte, wdmsh, bisecthosting.
    A small list of the hosts I would recommend
  5. Thanks for all the help, i have found which host i am going to use.
    I will reopen this thread if i need help again
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