NoLagg vs ClearLagg vs pTweaks?

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Whats better?

  1. Nolagg

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  2. ClearLagg

    81 vote(s)
  3. pTweaks

    55 vote(s)
  4. None

    47 vote(s)
  1. Well the title speaks for it self.... Which one is better? Make sure to vote!
  2. Spigot
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  3. Jigsaw


    They each do different things. Anyway, I use ClearLagg to remove lethal mobs at a set amount of time. That is pretty much it.

    I don't think I would use the other plugins with Spigot.
  4. Clearlagg for sure :)
  5. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    They actually are the ones that can cause more lag than good.
    How ironic.
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  6. ^ Im with this fine gentleman.
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  7. in a past i use clearlagg, but it's buggy for 1.6.2

  8. Agreed. I have tried using Ptweaks and NoLag in the past, all either did was degrade my TPS and cause chunk loading lag. This however may have been my fault for not configuring it in the correct way.

    Clearlagg was different. It mainly removes excess entity's at a set time from what I remember. This can be good if there is a spawning problem but I found it caused annoyance on my server. Even with the warning people were not happy that items despawned. We moved away from all of these fixes once we started using spigot.
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  9. I use clearlagg, what I do is every hour I remove all hostile mobs, and other entities with the exception of some item drops such as diamonds, iron, etc.
  10. Puremin0rez


    I use none, but ClearLagg.

    NoLagg used to be pretty nice in its early days (before CB++ and Spigot) but now I don't really see the point.

    It still has some minor features over Spigot, but i'd rather take a stable server fork then a hacky plugin.

    I tried pTweaks once. I removed it 5 minutes later. I wish I could remember why but it had something to do with it's chunk loading mechanics being buggy as all hell. Probably a Spigot interference, or just a bug in the plugin at the time.
  11. Pretty sure the whole idea of Spigot is to reduce these sorts of lag.
    IMO you're going to have more conflicts and errors running any of these. They're out there for helping Bukkit servers really.
  12. CCT


    NoLagg was unbeatable in 1.2.5. Not sure how it is now though.

    I remember flying at a 8x speed with Nodus in 1.2.5 on my server to test NoLagg. The chunks could not keep up without it, but with NoLagg the chunks were always ahead of me.
  13. Basically, Everything any of those plugins did are now implemented into spigot. Fast, safer, more reliable. No need for them anymore. They just simply cause lag now.
  14. pTweaks was buggy in its earlier days. It's improved a whole lot though.
    ClearLagg is a completely different category, its not really the same type of plugin
    that NoLagg and pTweaks are. Larger servers don't really need pTweaks, it's designed
    for smaller servers to boost performance.
  15. I still use NoLagg with all the components except its monitor function disabled, I have yet to find a server performance monitor that gives as much good information as NoLagg's does.