Non-cringeworthy Minecraft YouTubers?

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  1. Does anyone here have any recommendations for Minecraft YouTubers who don’t appeal to kids? Of course, the majority does, but there are those rare ’Tubers who create good content.

    Currently, I watch SethBling (redstone, command block, datapack, plugin, and resource pack GOD) , Dream (does weird shit in Minecraft), GeorgeNotFound (does weird shit in Minecraft with Dream), FitMC (makes videos about 2b2t as though they’re actual history documentaries about wars, and I love it), direwolf20 (makes modded let’s plays), Mumbo Jumbo (creates fantastic redstone builds), and, occasionally, Grian (he’s decent at building, I guess).

    I’d love some more suggestions for other great Minecraft-focused channels (their content doesn’t have to be 100% Minecraft) worth watching!
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  2. I discovered SalC1’s channel two weeks ago thanks to his video about pack.png. I thought it was a great video and assumed I’d come across yet another underrated goldmine of Minecraft content. However, I unsubscribed after seeing the video where he goes on a fellow YouTubers’ server (or at least what he thinks is a fellow YouTubers’ server), after berating that YouTuber for making content he doesn’t like (naturally), and uses cheats to take advantage of exploits and harm the in-game economy of the server.

    It’s quite the immature video, and I don’t wish to support somebody who cheats on servers on which cheating is not allowed, especially in the way he did it where it negatively affects all other players on the server.
  3. I personally enjoy those types of videos to an extent. I am fairly sure you are talking about the one where he goes on SkyBlock and uses exploits the developers of the P2W server didn't block. I respect your opinion though he has a lot of other different videos than those.
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  4. Why are you replying to every thread with simple one- or two-word sentences?
  5. He's post farming to 80 to get access to premium resources. Report and move on.
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  6. I am reporting all his posts.
  7. I really enjoy watching either GuudeBoulderfist/JSano19 (known as Guano) as they have a series where they "play" Minecraft, but they typically talk about IRL issues either with work, people, politics, a bunch of random shit. Really enjoyable and typically has humor as well.
  8. Sounds interesting! I’ll check them out. :coffee:
  9. I sometimes like to watch ChosenArchitect. He does a lot of modpacks, not sure if that's what your into, but maybe you can give him a go and see if his content panders to your interests.

    I also watch Tenebrous. He makes a lot of news in this community and whenever anything big happens, he usually reports on it and gives his side. He makes a lot of informative videos not just news.
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  10. The Hermitcraft youtubers are all good watches and not annoying.
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  11. ilmango with mind-blowing mechanisms.
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  12. IlluminaHD the speed run boss
  13. PolarSaurusRextra, i wouldnt really say its a minecraft channel because he does make videos about other games too but its still great its the only youtuber that i watch that makes mc videos his main channel is polarsaurusrex btw
  14. Grian is a great youtuber/minecrafter.