Non Passive Mobs don't spawn?

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  1. I have a factions server to this is a big issue.
    Any reason my server doesn't spawn non-passive mobs?
    Passive mobs: Friendly mobs
    Plugins that may affect the world: WorldGuard, Essentials, EpicWorldGen.
    NOTE: I know title says Non Passive but I meant passive mobs.
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  2. May your difficulty be to peaceful ?
  3. If setting ur difficulty peaceful doenst work try this:

    Set ur mutliverse settings to /mv modify set monsters true

    If that doesnt working try this:

    Spawn some hostile mobs by spawn egg
    if that works, then try narrowing down a plugin.

    if that doesnt work:

    world reset.
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  4. Make sure you don't disable them in the servers config.yml, in MultiverseCore config and in WorldGuard config.
  5. go /mv modift set monsters true

    If that doesn't work go /difficulty Hard
  6. look in the server.properites too
  7. Not using Multiverse.
    Passive mobs do spawn from eggs but not from spawners still.
  8. Check in spigot.yml, you have a bunch of option like "entity-activation-range" "mob-spawn-range" "nerf-spawner-mobs".
    and don't forget, passive mobs only spawn on grass blocks from a mob-spawner
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    Worldguard can stop mobs from spawning, although it would be all mobs and not just passive. If you had the mob-spawning deny on for worldguard globally you would have no mobs.

    So it's probably being limited by the settings in your bukkit.yml and spigot.yml
    posting them would help.