"none" being added to the end of chat messages.

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  1. After setting up buycraft on my server and deopping myself to try it out, I found that every time I put a message in chat, there would be a "none" after it. I then tried opping myself and the none dissapeared.
    Deopped: 2020-02-13_21.26.16.png
    Opped: 2020-02-13_21.26.05.png
    Here is a list of my plugins:
    LuckPerms, LeakParkour, ColoredSigns, ItemToCommand, VoidWorld, PerWorldPlugins, PlugMan, BuycraftX, FastAsyncWorldEdit, Sudo, CrispyDisguise, ViaVersion, Vault, WorldEdit, Essentials, CreateYourOwnMenus, WorldGuard, ProtocolLib, Citizens, ASkyBlock, EssentialsChat, SuperVanish, WorldGuardExtraFlags, HolographicDisplays, Multiverse-Core, CitizensCMD, Multiverse-Inventories, Multiverse-Portals, HubBasics

    Please help.
  2. I would advise you to check the various config of plugins that use chat. For example EssentialsChat or MultiverseCore
  3. It only appears to happen in the hub world. Example: 2020-02-13_22.04.13.png
  4. Check HubBasics
  5. I looked through the Multiverse, Essentials and HubBasics config and Ctrl-F'ed for "none" but I couldn't find anything.
    I looked in
    HubBasics: config.yml & messages.yml
    Essentials: config.yml
    Multiverse: config.yml & worlds.yml
  6. Check out the plugins you put in for the various worlds with PerWorldPlugins
  7. This is my PerWorldPlugins config

    exempt-login-events: true
    check-for-updates: true
    blocked-msg: '&c[Error] This command cannot be performed in this world.'
    ColoredSigns: []
    FastAsyncWorldEdit: []
    PermissionsEx: []
    CrispyDisguise: []
    ViaVersion: []
    Vault: []
    ProtocolLib: []
    WorldEdit: []
    Essentials: []
    EssentialsChat: []
    - world
    - world_nether
    - world_end
    - bedwars
    Multiverse-Core: []
    Multiverse-Inventories: []
    WorldGuard: []
    LeakParkour: []
    HubBasics: []
    VoidWorld: []
    Citizens: []
    CitizensCMD: []
    Multiverse-Portals: []
    CreateYourOwnMenus: []
    HolographicDisplays: []
    JustWorlds: []
    MultiWorld: []
    PlugMan: []
    LuckPerms: []
    - sbhub
    - ASkyBlock
    - ASkyBlock_nether
    WorldGuardExtraFlags: []
    Sudo: []
    ItemToCommand: []
    BuycraftX: []
  8. Try to use LuckPerms' verbose feature and send any message - it should show you some permissions that were required for chat.
    I think it's MultiVerse, but not sure enough. Anyway try to disable "prefixchat" in the config - pretty sure no one will die because of this x)
  9. Thanks, I will try the Multiverse thing, but what do you mean by "verbose feature"?
  10. /lp verbose